Need Advice on New Synching-Organizing Strategy

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Need Advice on New Synching-Organizing Strategy

by brianparks » Mon Feb 06, 2006 2:45 am

I would like to ask for some advice on an organizing-synching strategy for myself and my family.

I have a Cowon X5 30GB and the rest of my family have 1GB to 6GB players.

I currently have close to 30GB in music on an external 100GB drive. I'm using MediaMonkey to organize. The library is fairly diverse with folders heavy in classical and jazz.

On the X5 I like to view the music in differerent ways in different folders. Typically I like /artist/album/title but say under in Sountrack-Musical I like to view it /album/title-artist. It just seems to be easier for me that way.

Because there is so much music I also don't want to synch the whole library to the X5. So I've seperated out some of the music I want to save but not synch by creating an "archive" folder that I have put music I'm not interested in at the moment.

But someone else in my family might be interested in it so it needs to be accessible.

Lastly before you point me to the sticky at the top of the forum describing how to create/synch playlists I need to say also that in several of the folders I've created a "compilations" folder in addition to the artists folders and in this I put few compilation albums like this /compilations/album/track-artist.

It seems that to synch my X5 through media monkey I would have to create about 3 different playlists since the synch mapping that I would require would be different for some music... for example:

general playlist - mapping > /genre/artist/album/track
compilations playlist - mapping > /genre/compilations/album/track-artist
soundtrack playlist - mapping > /genre/album/track

And then the rest of the family would create their own playlists to synch their devices (all of the are mass storage device compatible).

Is there a better way for me than this???

I would be grateful if anyone would comment to help me see something I've not thought of or simplify in some way.