Issues with syncing and album artwork

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Re: Issues with syncing and album artwork

by joepet » Sat Feb 10, 2018 3:40 pm

You are 100% correct.
I changed folder organization, refreshed library, synced and this had no effect.
The problem was with files already on the machine.
In USB mode I deleted the folder with the artist (ABBA). Then I synced again. Everything this is perfect!
There is likely an easier way to do this that does not resort to using USB mode, but I sync only using playlists and I am afraid to select removing files on MMA when syncing for fear of losing files I don't want to lose.


Re: Issues with syncing and album artwork

by Lowlander » Sat Feb 10, 2018 3:05 pm

Folder organization has no bearing on this. As said MediaMonkey syncs 1 Artwork per Album as seem by MMW. Another factor that could interfere is that the files were already on the device.

Re: Issues with syncing and album artwork

by joepet » Sat Feb 10, 2018 11:41 am

I am having a similar problem with artwork and would certainly appreciate some help:
I have latest MMW on my Win 10 PC. I have MMA Pro on my FiiO X7.
I get the artwork the way I want it on MMW but when I sync to MMA sometimes it is the same and sometimes it is not....very frustrating. I have noticed that when the music files on my PC are arranged by album, there seems to be no problems, i.e. the art in MMA matches that in MMW. However I had a situation where the songs were from a greatest hits I decided to revise the art for each song to match the art from the album where the song was first introduced. I did that in MMW with no problems but when I synced MMA kept the art from the greatest hits album. So I revised the files in the library on my PC removing the Greatest Hits album folder and files and just rescaned the songs in MMW with the correct album titles and artwork but all listed under the artist (so there was not album folder for each album). When I synced to MMA the artwork was about 50% correct and 50% wrong. This should not be this difficult!
I have tried changing the Device, Options, Tagging with no luck. How should that be configured?

Re: Issues with syncing and album artwork

by Lowlander » Fri Feb 09, 2018 1:20 pm

MediaMonkey syncs 1 Artwork per Album. If you see this old Artwork there may be 1 or more files on the Album that still have this Artwork associated.

Issues with syncing and album artwork

by Carnadyne » Fri Feb 09, 2018 5:54 am

I'm having some issues with album artwork. I will try to explain this as best I can.

I have a large collection of songs for which I have deleted all embedded artwork (both embedded in tags and artwork located in album folders).
I have created my own artwork for each genre (both jpg and png format).
I want to assign these custom images to selected songs.
When I go into the file properties editor and upload the new artwork everything seems to be working fine, when the play the song the new artwork is shown.

The problem is when I sync the songs with my handheld device.
The files upload to the device and are playable but the artwork shown for each song is from about 2 years ago.
I cannot find a way to eliminate these old images, I have tried deleting all cache areas, I have cleared all data, even uninstalled and re-installed the MM app again.
I have used a third party app to delete all artwork, and I have also tried using MP3Tag to attach my own custom images.

Everytime I try to sync with my device the old 2 year old image is attached to each song.

I have noticed everytime the device syncs it creates a file called albumart.jpg in the current folder which contains the old 2 year old image. If I replace the file with the new one, it works until I sync again then it is replaced with the 2 year old image again.

I have gone through all the settings in MM for hours now and I cannot get any different results.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem or knows how to fix it?