Android is Case Sensitive splitting values

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Re: Android is Case Sensitive splitting values

by rusty » Fri May 05, 2017 12:21 pm

fyi, it's on our to do list to fix this in MM5 so that it's consistent with MMA:


Re: Inconsistent Capitalization Causes Multiple Artist Entri

by frankz » Wed May 03, 2017 10:07 am

OK, well it looks like I've got some tags to update then :)

Seriously, though, if suggestions are permitted on the issue, I'd suggest that the MM suite perform in a consistent manner across all platforms whenever possible. It makes for a better user experience. Respecting the case is probably the more "correct" way to handle it, but ignoring the case in this instance (when it's clear a distinction is not intended) is much more user-friendly.

Re: Inconsistent Capitalization Causes Multiple Artist Entri

by Lowlander » Wed May 03, 2017 9:46 am

That's intended. MMA respects case as different values (as Linux based systems do), MMW doesn't (as Windows based systems don't).

Inconsistent Capitalization Causes Multiple Artist Entries

by frankz » Wed May 03, 2017 9:42 am


Don't know if this is a bug or intended behavior, but it's not this way on MMW so I'm thinking it's not intended.

If differences exist in the capitalization scheme between the Artist field and Album Artist field, MMA will create two entries in Artists/Album Artists view. MMW does not.

For example, I've got a track tagged with "tUnE-yArDs" as Album Artist and "TUne-YArDs" as Artist for some reason. MMW only shows one artist in the Artist / Album Artist list, but MMA shows this one track twice (tUnE-yArDs - 1 album / TUne-YArDs - 1 track). Same thing with TV on the Radio vs TV On The Radio.

It would be nice if MMA recognized that these were the same artist like MMW does.

Re: Genre listing is case sensitive

by toyzrme » Tue Dec 22, 2015 7:53 am

I have to say I'm not thrilled with the proposal: being consistent is better than it currently is, but not a real solution.

It strikes me as more of a "computer coder/implementer's" solution than a "user-focused" solution. i.e. it is not about the user playback experience, but rather someone who prefers to fiddle with the bits (i.e. tags). It's kind of like the new rage of paddle shifters on a car: paid thousand$ to get the Sport edition with them because I wanted to compulsively manage the shift, but after a week it got really old. Now they're just a nuisance.

Kind of like why Unix and Linux have failed to take off in the end-user community, vs. the hacker community: yet Apple has the lay person clamoring for their Unix-based products (even at a significant premium!): SIMPLE, CONSISTENT, PREDICTABLE, USER-FOCUSED behavior. As a coder/geek, it offends me, but as a user it THRILLS me. We should NOT expose implementation to the user.

For example, it's bad enough that no one knows how to spell "A cappella" ("2 words, 2 P's, 2 L's") - most people use "a capella" or "a cappella"

BUT, on MMA, add all of the CASE variants, and you get EIGHT genres! It clutters the UI, and it's PITA to add all of my " A CAPPELLA" music to the Now Playing list (oh, wait: that's a NINTH genre...):
a capella
A capella
a Capella
A Capella
a cappella
A cappella
a Cappella
A Cappella

This just doesn't seem right, especially given that MMW would only present TWO genre's.

Now, what about tracks with multiple genre's? With 2 genre's (say, A Cappella and Brit pop), you would get *THIRTY TWO* permutations. Really?

What if one of those was a 3-word Genre - double that to 64 genres?

Want me to list all 64 genres out here? (I know what most people would answer, and your answer to that question should be a clue as to what to do here)

Want to provide an option or tool that lets me tweak minor differences in fields, like case variants of the same spelling? GREAT - let OCD types go nuts *if* they want to.

But don't subject the average person to this trivial difference unless they want it and choose it.

Well, unless you only want to sell to OCD's......

Re: Genre listing is case sensitive

by rusty » Mon Nov 10, 2014 4:12 pm

The two apps should be consistent, but we've decided that the approach used in MMA makes more sense than the approach used in MMW (i.e. we're going to change MMW). See details at:

We're open to comments...



Case sensitivity - minor bug

by meljmartin » Sat Nov 08, 2014 8:22 am

I noticed that grouping on Album Artist is case sensitive. ie "Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds" is separate from "Nick Cave &The Bad Seeds". This is inconsistent with the desktop version.

Re: Genre listing is case sensitive

by rusty » Tue Mar 25, 2014 5:12 pm

When I search on Artist/Album Artist/Title/Album it seems to be case insensitive. Tested no build 236.

If that's not the case for you, can you provide a bit more detail (e.g. device, android version, MMA version, does this always happen?).



Re: Genre listing is case sensitive

by Guest » Tue Mar 25, 2014 8:25 am

This reminded me that I had problems with case for searching too. Which I assume is connected.
I searched for "lorde" and got nothing, although I knew I had an album by her on there. Which confused me. On a whim I tried searching for "Lorde" and it came up.
Given the hassle that text entry can be on a touch interface, I think search should definitely be case insensitive.

RE: the rest of this thread: I'd also say that genre, album, artist, etc.. should be case insensitive too.
I kinda get the argument about not hiding people's errors... but not really. I want the software to be smart and help me out and minimise the work/hassle on my end, not be awkward just to point out minor insignificant mistakes. Particularly on a mobile device which will be used 99% for quick playback on the go, and not for editing libraries.

Re: Genre listing is case sensitive

by Bex » Mon Mar 24, 2014 4:11 am

My Tagging Inconsistencies script, link in signature, can find these in MMW. Use the "Node vs Track Case Inconsistencies"-node which exists for Genres, Artists and Albums.

Re: Genre listing is case sensitive

by endopower » Sun Mar 23, 2014 8:52 pm

Just following up/am curious. There is currently no way for users to manually correct this on MMA, correct?

Re: Genre listing is case sensitive

by rusty » Mon Jan 06, 2014 11:51 am

Thanks for all the feedback--we're not ignoring you...just deferring examination of this issue until after 1.0.4 is released.


Re: Genre listing is case sensitive

by toyzrme » Thu Dec 26, 2013 9:56 am

Good discussion - all the above makes sense.

I agree with Rusty, in that HIDING errors is bad. But MMW & MMA need to be consistent between them. Or, if anything, differences shown in the *editing* tool (MMW), but NOT in the *playback* tool (MMA) (as nohitter151 suggests).

As for displaying, an issue that can happen: given a few "close" genres, say Rock/Hard, Rock/Soft, etc, if the sorting is purely character/numerical, then case variants will produce something like the following, making it harder to spot the problems:

Tossing out a few ideas off the top of my head:
- let the user choose whether to treat a given field as case-sensitive or not?
This would be a bit of a coding effort, even for 1 field, as it affects sorting, querying, display, playlists, tooling, etc, etc.
But code is free on the Forums, right? ;-) (ahem)
- do BOTH? Make them BEHAVE as if the same, but SHOW the user that both exist.
This is similar to nohitter151's idea in some ways, ie MMA=behave the same, MMW=show differences,
and in line with what dtsig is suggesting for MMW: SORT them so that they show up together, but still preserve the distinction.

Maybe some highlighting here could help (ie if multiple items have the same value ignoring case, show them all, but highlight the field(s) in question)

Tooling could also help here: for each entry, see how many matches there are for it both case-sensitive and insensitive - if they differ, highlight the item (I wouldn't be surprised if someone has already done this - trixmoto?)

One more suggestion: can I please have a way to define a genre hierarchy? :-)
That way, I could create a "Rock/Hard" parent, and put the variants below it, but define all my queries/playlists using the parent (unless I *really* only want Rock/Hard/Tribal/from-some-small-CarribbeanIslandThatBeginsWith-"Saint")
(yes, this is my evil, subversive plot to squash 561 genres in my library into a few simple categories for my poor feeble brain to handle while playing on my phone - like Rock, Jazz, Classical, New Age, maybe Vocal/Acapella)

Re: Genre listing is case sensitive

by dtsig » Wed Dec 11, 2013 5:52 pm

I wasn't suggesting that mmw or mma should show Rock even if there is a Rock, ROck or ROCK. What I was suggesting is that the SORT of these items should be case-insensitive. THEN show them all together. Sorry if my comment caused any confusion.

Re: Genre listing is case sensitive

by nohitter151 » Wed Dec 11, 2013 3:15 pm

Lowlander wrote:I have a similar sentiment, but MMW won't show separate entries for each case in the Media Tree. So MMA showing separate entries isn't consistent with the experience on MMW. I also guess that for most MMA will be more for playback then editing and the separate entries would get in the way of that experience.
Agreed. If anything, the behaviors should be reversed, so MMW shows case differences in the tree but not in MMA.