i want to delete everything and start over

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i want to delete everything and start over

Post by lynne » Mon Dec 01, 2008 12:51 am


does media monkey real work? i paid for the gold program after having difficulty with the free one. right now, i wish that i had never heard of media monkey. nothing--some of which has been "magically" imported from other programs--can be deleted. i'm not able to upload multidisc sets.

i have never encountered such a difficult program. can anyone help?

thank you, lynne

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Re: i want to delete everything and start over

Post by rovingcowboy » Mon Dec 01, 2008 10:57 am

8) the difficulty in using monkey is the fact it is simple to use.

there might be a hardware or software error in it on somesystems, but the install and scanning of the program
is straight forward and simple.

but to make sure you get a good install and you want to remove it and then reinstall it.
you should write your lic number down so you don't loose it.
then click the uninstall button.

then use a registry cleaner to get all the left over hotkeys out of the registry that might not have been removed by monkey.

then do a system cleaning with a junk files cleaner like " Ccleaner slim no tool bar " you can find at majorgeeks.com

then reinstall mediamonkey. tell it no do not import the old database if you are asked. which only happens if you had mm 2 on the system before or you did not get rid of the old one doing the cleaning.

then after it is installed reboot your computer, windows always seems to need rebooting on installing programs.
they say that it does not in win Xp but mine always does and the updates from the microsoft update site still require a reboot now and then.
so do the reboot then start up mediamonkey and see if it works for you then.

the magicly imported part in your message is sounding like you had it scan the whole c drive. that will find every file that is an audio file of the type you had chosen for monkey to scan for.
if you want to only scan for music you know is from cd's or online downloads, then you should only scan the folders you put them in.

once you get them in you can use monkey's auto organizer to watch a single folder and add and move them to the location you tell monkey to put the songs. so you can then just download or rip the songs in to that one folder.
that is a good reason for buying the gold version.

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Re: i want to delete everything and start over

Post by Lowlander » Mon Dec 01, 2008 12:40 pm

lynne wrote:--some of which has been "magically" imported from other programs--can be deleted
This is probably caused by selecting the folders in the Add/Rescan Tracks dialog that shouldn't be scanned. Make sure that in this window you only select those folders that you want to be scanned. (Also make sure that you didn't configure the wrong folders in File Monitor). As for removing, simply selecting the tracks and hitting Del should do the trick. A dialog window should popup asking what type of removal you desire (select only from library if you want to keep the songs).
lynne wrote:i'm not able to upload multidisc sets.
I'm not sure what you mean by upload, but I'm guessing you're having trouble with Auto-Tag from Web and multi-disc albums. This unfortunately is a known problem the others struggle with as well. If you lookup all discs on an album the lookup should work except for the track #'s being renamed incorrectly. You could deselect the tracks option and manually rename track titles or use Tools > Script > Auto-Increment Track#'s after Auto-Tag from Web to update the track numbers to there disc (before Auto-Tag from Web) value.
lynne wrote:does media monkey real work?
Like every software there are things that could work better, but that's why there is the wishlist forum and the developers are very responsive to user input. MediaMonkey also has a higher learning curve them some other music software, but it's well worth the investment as it allows you to be in control of your music collection something that other music software might not let you do. Check out the FAQ and the build in help and ask any question on the forum if they come up!
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