CD Ripping - "Various" Artist

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CD Ripping - "Various" Artist

Post by DrRon »

I may have missed it but I can't find this one...
I'm new here and trying to rip a CD (O Brother Where Art Thou?)
The album was found in FreeDB and I ripped it using default mask to the folder I wanted.
The file names looked good.
Then I looked at the tags and all the "artists" were "various" and the actual artists were in with the track title...
I've read the basics on multi-artist albums, but here's my question:

Is there any way to rip a multi-artist CD and get the artist name in the proper tag slot directly?

I can live with putting all the tracks into one album later... but I can't imagine ripping a large CD collection and having to manually edit every tag. Am I missing something basic?/
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Re: CD Ripping - "Various" Artist

Post by nohitter151 »

Well, one option always available is to rip with less than perfect track names then use auto-tag from web to correct the ripped track tags.
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Re: CD Ripping - "Various" Artist

Post by Lowlander »

Can't you configure a mask or something in the FreeDB results window? Of course this fails if only a single result is returned I believe.

The RegExp script should be able to help fix this. You can use this on the My Computer > CD node to fix tracks before ripping them.
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Re: CD Ripping - "Various" Artist

Post by MMan »

Are you sure that you aren't looking at the Album Artist field when you see "Various". If you are new, there are two artist fields for each track, Album Artist and Artist. When the Album Artist and the Album Title are the same, Monkey groups all those tracks together as one Album. So for compliation (inclduing most soundtracks) albums, the Album Artist is populated with "Various" so that allthe tracks get grouped as a Album and the Artist field has the actual artist for each track.
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