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record comments

Post by tdgobux2 » Sat May 23, 2009 12:18 pm

Is there a way to get comments for each album if they exist?
for example - for all of the van halen albums, i see something like "Limited Edition Japanese pressing of this album comes housed in a miniature LP sleeve. 2008."
which i don't care about - vs. U2 - Boy which has : U2 " Boy " REMASTERED On 180 Gram German Viny Record Album LP. This Item is SHIPPING OCTOBER 5th. There's little in U2's 1980 debut to suggest that this was a band bent on world domination. Indeed, there's a charming, if naive, coming-of-age urgency in songs such as 'I Will Follow,' 'Stories for Boys' and 'Out of Control' that may startle listeners more familiar with U2's latter-day bombast and stadium-scale theatrics. Bono's viewpoint, still tantalizingly vague and wide-eyed, showed that his penchant for strident polemics hadn't yet gotten the best of him; his anthems are those of a yearning Dubliner barely out of his teens rather than those of a world-weary multimillionaire. The band's sometimes-ragged musical chops work in its favor here, gently burnished to then-fresh new-wave sheen by producer Steve Lillywhite. If the Edge's dense, effects-laden guitar work seems overly familiar, it's only because this album was such a key influence on the whole 'rock of the '80s' sound. Though not quite as moody or musically accomplished as October, arguably the band's first masterpiece, Boy still ranks as one of U2's best albums. ... Track Listing ....1. I Will Follow, 2. Twilight, 3. An Cat Dubh, 4. Into The Heart, 5. Out Of Control, 6. Stories For Boys , 7. The Ocean , 8. A Day Without Me , 9. Another Time, Another Place , 10. The Electric Co. , 11. Shadows And Tall Trees.

I love the detailed comments, but it seems like there's too much about japanese pressings instead.


Re: record comments

Post by peabody » Sat May 23, 2009 5:36 pm

I'm not aware of a service that will input the good comments automatically. The first one you mention from Van Halen sounds like the blurb found when using Amazon to tag the files, found on some albums, but not all. I've been manually adding comments to some of my favorite albums using sites like, but it is not something I would do for all my collection.

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