When is Encoder updated?

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When is Encoder updated?

Post by fourteen » Mon Jun 01, 2009 3:55 pm

Under what circumstance would MediaMonkey set or update the track property "Encoder"?
Did older versions of MediaMonkey update Encoder when updating other tags and not just when encoding the music?

I just noticed that a bunch of my WMA Lossless files have the value "MediaMonkey" in the "Encoder" property. Since I have not used MediaMonkey to rip, re-encode or transcode any of these tracks the fact that Encoder is set to MediaMonkey surprises, and scares, me.

It seems only "older" tracks have Encoder set - it is the first batch of tracks that I ripped (several thousand) a while back and that I used MediaMonkey 2.x (I think it was to tag and play etc. Newer batches of tracks that I have used MediaMonkey 3.x to tag and play do not have Encoder set. And I have never used MediaMonkey to rip, encode or transcode (at least not knowingly...)

Is it possible that MediaMonkey's behavior has changed, e.g. is it possible that MediaMonkey 2.x updated the Encoder property when it was updating other tags such as Title, and that MediaMonkey 3.x no longer does that?

(As a side note, it seems like Windows Explorer's concept of "Encoded by" does not correspond with MediaMonkey's concept of "Encoder" - setting "Encoded by" to some value using Explorer does not cause MediaMonkey to display it as "Encoder", or vice versa.)