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Re: For best possible sound

Post by dbdog » Tue Oct 13, 2009 2:29 pm

Nope. I'm using a MSB Link DAC ( with the Powerbase (external power supply). It sounds good to me but I'm sure there are plenty of better DAC's around today.


Re: For best possible sound

Post by paulf » Tue Oct 13, 2009 4:36 pm

I'm really surprised more people aren't engaged in this kind of thread. It seems to me, as someone said earlier in the thread, that people with a lot of music probably want to get the best possible sound when they listen to it. I know I do. I want bitperfect playback. I can get around most of the issues I've had with both types of ASIO as well as Kernel Streaming (clicks between tracks, freezes on pause, non playing of tracks of a different bitrate and etc) by changing my output to direct sound, but to be honest on a windows xp system, going through a reasonably high quality amp and speakers, direct sound from a computer is pants. Sorry, but it is! The difference between something going through kmixer and a digital signal going direct to the dac in my amp is clearly audible and once heard leaves the listener in no doubt whatsoever as to which output method is preferable. And in the end why would you want to listen to music on a decent system that is being produced at source by something that doesn't come close to doing justice to your other components?

Media Monkey's interface, library functions, and, for me, especially the folder view option, is the best going. For playback it's so close that it's frustrating. If gapless bitperfect audiophile sound was both easy to institute and reliable (meaning without any of the present glitches that no one seems either able or inclined to solve) in operation, this would be hands down the BEST player going. As things stand it's the best organiser. I think this is a slightly sad state of affairs. I'm a big fan of MM, but I can see that over time the niggles and dissatisfactions that I am experiencing with regard to bitperfect playback will take me away from using it. It may be that I'll end up buying a squeezebox touch, sell the sound card and use my laptop for other purposes entirely.

I know all this may sound a bit harsh, but it isn't meant to. I do very much like Media Monkey. I recommend it to people all the time. however, if someone was wanting it as an interface in a highquality soundsystem I would hesitate to recommend it. It may well be, of course that an application such as I would like is not the kind of application that the developers are working towards and that is entirely up to them.


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Re: For best possible sound

Post by MMan » Tue Oct 13, 2009 6:06 pm

Frankly, I've had great luck using the ASIO plugin going direct to an ESI Julia@ sound card. I use moneky in that set up to play on my home stero (relatively high end). I've tried both the DAC on the Julia@ and also passing it digitally directly to the DAC in my reciever (julia@ has both RCA and SPDIF outputs). I happen to like the sound off the DAC on the Julia@, so I pass it analog through RCA cables to my reciever. Here's a post that talks more about the issue. Good Luck. ... &sk=t&sd=a

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Re: For best possible sound

Post by jiri » Wed Oct 14, 2009 3:49 am

WASAPI plug-in for MM 4.0 is currently in development and quite close to being completed, including all the features like Exclusive mode support, Gapless playback and Crossfading. So please wait some time for MM 4.0 (or at least its beta versions) and I'm sure you'll like it! :wink:


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Re: For best possible sound

Post by gpzbc » Wed Oct 14, 2009 5:35 am

That's good to know.
The gpzbc


Re: For best possible sound

Post by paulf » Wed Oct 14, 2009 5:47 am

Hi again,

Had a short morning at work so came home early and think I may have sussed it (again!). I've tried so many things by now that it's probably getting boring (me saying hooray I've sorted it out and then coming back & saying oh no I've not). I just tried the ASIO (dll) plugin and configured it to use the creative 24/96 ASIO driver (the ASIO4all driver caused too many issues) - I've done this before but never managed to get it to play mp3 files that had a sample rate of 22khz. To be frank all these numbers mean very little to me, mainly I have a culturally conditioned leaning towards higher numbers, but anyhow I saw on the configuration options that you could enable resmapling, so I did but the 22khz files still wouldn't play. I then selected the sample rate and changed it to 48000 hz and lo and behold everything worked! Hooray!

What this means is that the annoying click and the missing of the first bits from tracks that I was suffering with using kernel streaming has now gone. Also MM doesn't freeze if I pause playback and then select another track to play. Is this it? Have I done it??

I don't really understand what all these sample rates and stuff mean though. I have my Creative Audigy 2ZS set to 96kz on the PCM sampling output settings (though I also have it set to passthrough - so does this make any difference?). I also have the choice of two Creative drivers to use with the ASIO plugin, a Soundblaster Audigy 2 [FFCO] and the same only with 24/96 included in the name. Of course I'm using the 24/96 cos it "sounds" better numerically - but is it?? Can anyone advise me? I mean everything is working but is this the best I can get? The resampling thing affects a very tiny proportion of my music collection, most of it is in flac and very few of what mp3s I have appear to be in 22khz.

Anyhow, I'm happy enough for now and will now try to find out what is going on with all this sample rate business. However, if anyone can enlighten me it'd be much appreciated!


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