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How to move whole folders in MM (and not just the files)?

Posted: Sun Feb 27, 2011 2:04 pm
by Ondrej
Ran into a little problem (again...) It might be a problem between my ears, but it also might be a design problem:

I moved a large folder with album sub folders from a HDD to the large disk I have my MM Library on. Things where somewhat organized at that point. Then I tried to move all compilation album folders to a temporary sub folder "compilations" for analyzing and tagging. The reason is that compilation albums are poorly handled by just any tagging service, including MusicIP, so there is always a little manual work needed.

I marked each folder and sent/moved it to this "compilation" folder from within the "My Computer" node in MM. I assumed it to be logical that within the "My Computer" node things would work like in a file explorer and the whole folder would be moved. Instead I ended up with a lot of lose files in the "compilation" folder and a lot of empty original folders. With no way to undo anything!

As, like said, auto tagging of compilations is not very reliable I practically screwed those albums up for good (again...).

Did I handle the sending/moving wrong or am I expecting too much from MM? Is there any way to go back to a previous state, some history, or undo changes done after event xx?


Re: How to move whole folders in MM (and not just the files)

Posted: Sun Feb 27, 2011 2:14 pm
by Lowlander
Send To > Move only moves files to a particular folder without maintaining previous folder structure. Cut & Paste of folder in Library > Location or My Computer node will respect the folder structure. You can also use the more powerful Tools > Auto-Organize Files to move files with folder structures: ... enames.htm