Not Too Thrilled About My First Official Upgrade

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Not Too Thrilled About My First Official Upgrade

Post by Gregski » Tue Feb 28, 2012 12:00 am

so I am pleased to say after my MediaMonkey 30 day trial ran out and I could no longer Rip CDs I took the plunge and bought the 4.x license for $25 dollars, yes I like being very non committal so I did not buy the lifetime ownership for nearly twice the price, LOL

today I launched MediaMonkey for a daily fix of Godsmack when I was asked/prompted to upgrade from version to as it promises to fix over I forget the number miscellaneous. (that's right it said miscellaneous, not miscellaneous bugs or errors, just miscellaneous)

I am less than pleased to share with you the way the "upgrade" or "update" what ever they call it actually works, after clicking OK it basically takes you to their download page where you are on your own, you would think in 2012 AD the update actually just updates the product, but noooooo.... you have to close your MediaMonkey, click the appropriate link (depending on what product you own and what license) and then download it, save it, then run the setup as if for the first time, the only thing worse would be to end up with two versions of the product AOL style, for those of you who can remember America OnLine from over a decade ago

then when I launched the newly upgraded MM I noticed some of the configurations / customizations reverted back to default like "Override Skin theme with Windows System theme (requires restart)"... requires restart what is this 1996 all over again and Windows 3.1, come on man

like I always say I've yet to meet a media player I would like, lol - hope you find this review entertaining, don't be a hater I still use the product