Player won't recognize some MP3's

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Player won't recognize some MP3's

Post by JanL » Mon Apr 02, 2012 9:23 pm

I transferred music files using 'sync to device' to a thumb drive to play on a Pioneer DV 610AVK via the USB input. Songs transferred to my pc from purchased cd's play just fine. Most, but not all of the MP3's purchased from will not play. My player says "player can't play this format" (On one of the albums, four songs won't play, one does.) Amazon suggests contacting Pioneer - no luck there. The player is not under warranty anymore. Is there anything that I can do within MM to change the format of the Amazon songs? They all show as MP3's and I do not know what to look for to figure out what is different with the ones that won't play.
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Re: Player won't recognize some MP3's

Post by Lowlander » Mon Apr 02, 2012 10:13 pm

Contacting Pioneer would be your best bet.

I suggest you try setting a conversion rule to convert MP3 to MP3. You may want to experiment with conversion to CBR (set in MP3 Conversion rules).

Some thoughts:
- The Pioneer may be tripping over some tag, see if Amazon MP3's have some tag that CD ripped MP3's don't. Then experiment with removing these tags from some sample files that failed to show on the device and see if it worked.
- Most devices would support VBR encoded MP3's but you can try forcing CBR encoding by setting conversion rules.
- It would be strange, but try a lower bitrate for MP3's.

I would try to remove all, but Artist, Title, Album, Date, Track# and Album Artist tags from files and set to convert them to CBR 128kbps. Then sync some files that failed to show before and see if they show now.
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