Problem with Now Playing

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Problem with Now Playing

Post by gimmeagig » Fri Sep 28, 2012 12:02 am

Here's the problem I have:
I have for example a directory called Contemporary Jazz with hundreds of mp3s in it.Sometimes I just want to be surprised with random tunes out of that directory. So I select "all" and "shuffle". Works great but when I get a song that I have but don't like I would want to see it in the "Now Playing" pane so that I can delete it.
Unfortunately the Now Playing pane loads up with again "all" tunes of that directory and the tune I'm listening to is not in the viewable area.Sure I can find it but I want it to be easy.
How can I limit how many tunes there are in the "Now Playing "window so that the tune I'm listening is always visible? Is there a way to get the current tune to show up on the top of the screen so that I can delete it if I don't like it? I tried to go into Options and Auto DJ and limit what's showing in the Now Playing that way but it doesn't make a difference.
What can I do to unclutter Now Playing?

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Re: Problem with Now Playing

Post by nohitter151 » Fri Sep 28, 2012 9:03 am

1. Create an autoplaylist that references only tracks in the directory you want to play tracks from
2. Go to Options > Auto-DJ and set how many previous and next tracks you'd like to retain in the now playing area. Also set auto-DJ to pull tracks from the playlist you created above
3. Drag any single track to the empty Now playing area (if it's not empty, clear it out first)
4. Make sure auto-DJ mode is enabled
5. Play the track, you will see tracks added automatically to now playing from the directory you specified
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