Use default external video player - sending playlist?

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Use default external video player - sending playlist?

Post by BaronHarkonnen » Sun Oct 30, 2016 5:44 pm

Hi, really loving MM!

I really like that when you play a video it also puts all the next ones in the playlist too (per the setting in Options -> Player -> Playback rules -> Video -> 'Play Now' Action)

However, this only works for the built-in player and I much prefer using Windows Media Player to play videos (the "default external video player").

The subsequent videos don't end up in WMP's playlist, only the one you clicked. Is there a way to make that work for WMP?

A decent workaround might have been if I could drag and drop files into WMP's playlist window from MM, which is something I can do for music into winamp, but that doesn't work for WMP.