Tags changing? Help!

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Tags changing? Help!

Post by Jamesy1969 » Sun Nov 05, 2017 9:01 am

Hi, I'm new to the forum but have been using MM for quite some time - primarily for library organisation.

My workflow is usually :-

Download new album.
Import into MM and hit ctrl-R to organise into my library (O:\Hi-Res\<Album Artist>\<Year> <Album>\<Disc#:2> <Track#:2> <Artist> - <Title>)

I've recently lost a hard drive and had to re-download a lot of HD albums (hence my moving into my Hi-Res folder above). Previously, I always named my HD albums with the resolution at the end, for example "Led Zeppelin II 24/96", but having had to do quite a few I got fed up with double-checking the resolution for each one and decided to only use "HD" at the end. For the ones I'd already named, I used a script in mp3tag to rename them all to "HD" (I find scripts in mp3tag much simpler than MM).

Loading each album into MM, they appear to have "HD" at the end, but then when I hit ctrl-R, the original title re-appears and MM wants to keep the folder name that it's in currently!

If this is as clear as mud, imagine :-

I have an album Anthrax "State of Euphoria" which was titled "State of Euphoria 24/192", but was renamed in mp3tag to "State of Euphoria HD".
In MM, it appears as "State of Euphoria HD" until I hit ctrl-R to move it (into a folder entitled "...HD" rather than "...24-192"), the <album> tag changes back to "State of Euphoria 24/192". Hit <cancel> and the title is now "...24/192", but if I click on <All> again, the album title is back to "...HD".

I'm completely confused and somewhat frustrated. Any ideas?


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Re: Tags changing? Help!

Post by Lowlander » Mon Nov 13, 2017 7:42 pm

Are you working in the My Computer node? Is the issue with the actual Album/Title tags or with the folder/filenames?
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