Seeking Paid Assistance for Large Library Conversion

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The Oz
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Seeking Paid Assistance for Large Library Conversion

Post by The Oz » Sun Jan 14, 2018 10:48 am

I plan to convert my large iTunes library from Mac iTunes 12.1 to MediaMonkey Windows, and I am willing to pay consulting fees to an expert who can assist with the conversion. As far as I can see, I will have the following challenges:
- Library is VERY large (285K tracks)
- About 4,000 of the tracks have path+filename lengths in excess of the maximum permitted by Windows. Will need an automated script to solve this problem, aiming for no or minimum information loss
- Make sure that all of the required media formats (AIFF, ALC, etc.) are enabled in MediaMonkey
- Port over the album artwork. (All of my album artwork is already in folder.jpg files in their proper album folders)

I am somewhat technically knowledgeable, but not a hard-core expert (and not a script writer). Hoping to work collaboratively with a consultant to talk through possible solutions and to test them before performing the full conversion (aiming to minimize risk). I envision paying an hourly consultant rate for this service.

Any interested and available for such a project?

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Re: Seeking Paid Assistance for Large Library Conversion

Post by Lowlander » Mon Jan 15, 2018 12:27 pm

2) If MediaMonkey can read the files (either scanning into Library or through My Computer) you can use Tools > Auto-Organize Files to rename files to a shorter length. It uses the tags and using $Left(<Field>,50) you can limit how much characters any given field can use in the folder/filename (to 50 in this case).

More on Masks: ... ormats/4.0

3) Use the File Types button in File > Add/Rescan Files to select all File Types you wish to be included in the Library when Scanning.

4) Have the Option to Scan File Directories for Artwork enabled under Tools > Options > Library. Then if the Artworks are in the folder with their Album files it will be picked up automatically when Scanning in files.
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