Searching for track tagging differences

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Searching for track tagging differences

Post by quofiend » Wed Jan 17, 2018 6:07 pm

I have an MP3 folder and a FLAC folder of physical tracks. Multiple folders in each.
Essentially every track has an MP3 and a FLAC version.
I've categorised/tagged them identically (or so I thought)
When I compare Autoplaylists which are IDENTICAL in criteria aside from 1 being MP3 only and on being FLAC, I am getting different numbers in playlists.
eg. A variance of 82 file differences in one playlist.
HOW CAN i easily TRACK DOWN THOSE 82 tracks not TAGGED
That's 82 from a list of around 5,500 so manually going through 11,000 tracks isn't something I am relishing.
There is NO GUARANTEE that Track names are identical - although almost all will be. The Album names will be identical. The track numbers will be identical.
Ideas ?
yes a bit OCD but..... THey shouldn't be a difference !!! :-)