Find missing files from an imported playlist

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Find missing files from an imported playlist

Post by musziqluvher » Mon Apr 02, 2018 3:30 pm

I recently upgrade to Win10 from Win7. Prior to doing this I forgot to backup my MMW database. :(. My main issue is playlists. Which brings up another issue. I don't like that the playlists are stored internally with MMW. (another feature I miss about Winamp is that the playlists were always external)

Anyway, I was able to get most of my playlists back by exporting them from MMA. Of course, although the file names are the same the file paths are different. I've tried using the update location of files but that doesn't work. Even when pointing directly to the folder that the songs are in it still doesn't find them. Is there any way that I can update these playlists without manually re-creating all of them? :(

I have my own folder organization, so please no advice about MM auto organize. I like the system I've been using for almost two decades.
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