Directory/database location issues

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Directory/database location issues

Post by tjukkabass » Wed Aug 08, 2018 6:39 am


I've been reading up and down at this forum trying to fix this myself. But i'm hopelss when it comes to this computer stuff.

Some nights ago my computer informed me that one my disks had issues. This is also the disc which I have all my music on.

My (G:)

So, I copied the files over to another disc, renamed this new disc (G:) and renamed the other one to (K:), started MM again, now it has doubled the files tally, and all my playlists and the stats over how many times a song is played etc etc will now be ruined

Can somebody please help me, FYI you probably have to explain it like you would to a 5 year old.

Thanks in advance


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Re: Directory/database location issues

Post by Lowlander » Wed Aug 08, 2018 11:48 am

You likely have Folder Monitoring enabled, which would have scanned the new location, or did a manual scan. This shouldn't be done.

1) Go to Entire Library > Location (enable under File > Manage Collections).
2) Remove new location, drive should be G drive (there should also be a drive without drive letter, this is old location)
3) Use: ... n+database to tell MediaMonkey that old location files are in new location.

As MediaMonkey uses driveID, simply changing the drive letter won't fix the problem.
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