Network Media Tree browsing Windows 10 - no more WORKGROUP

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Network Media Tree browsing Windows 10 - no more WORKGROUP

Post by fixy22 » Tue Aug 14, 2018 11:33 am


I'm a long time MM user and I ran into following problem.
I'm trying to fix it on a new PC where the WORKGROUP was removed. (DESKTOP-2)

MM version
Windows Version 10.0.17134 Build 17134

In a last few days I received Microsoft Win 10 HOME updates which messed up my home network and security setup. I thing most of the problems come with removing WORKGROUP. I managed to fix some of them - the remaining issue is with the MediaMonkey.

I just reinstalled MM thinking that it will reconfigure Network access and still there there is no way to browse the network.

I want to use MM Media Tree:
The location Network/Microsoft Windows Network/ is empty - and I have a problem configuring it.

On my old PC I have several Tree Entries:
WORKGROUP (this one lists shared folders on my main PC and the new one DESKTOP-2 to which I'm connecting fine - I'm able to see and browse all folders shared on the network shared folders)

I can't do it in opposite direction. I think Security is set up correctly - Windows Explorer works fine in both directions.

Is there anything else I should set up to recover this functionality? I want to mention, that I don't want to scan network folder - I want to access it, browse and potentially make changes. I was able to do it, and it is really useful for me.


It was a long post. Thanks for reading! :)
Cheers! Image