all tags not read on network drive

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all tags not read on network drive

Post by richjoh » Wed Jan 02, 2019 11:16 pm

Will MM stop updating tags if a flash drive or HD drive files are erroneous or difficult to read? Is there a timeout, or error handling on fetching file information?

On more than 1 occasion, I download ~6Gigs of mp3 files to network drive, MM does not show all the tag values. Only Title, Artist, and filename are shown but all other tags, that I know are not empty, are not shown. On another occasion, I had a bad (hard to read) disc/drive files written on my router's usb flash drive and MM shows me the list of mp3s without all the tags.

Recently this happen again, rebooting the problem persist. I copied some of the mp3 files to my local drive then back to my router usb flash drive and the problem went away.