HowTo move from iTunes to MM

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HowTo move from iTunes to MM

Post by NoPlayBack » Mon Sep 09, 2019 7:17 am

I have my music organized in iTunes, and want to move to MM.
iTunes automatically did create the folderstructure, each file i did throw into the GUI of iTunes was automatically stored in a specific directory. The logic was
Music\Album-Artist\Album-Name\Track#:2 & " " & Title
Example: Music\Phil Collins\No Jacket Required\01 Sussudio.mp3

Instead of artist i think there were 2 extra possibilities: Compilations and Various Artists
For Compilations, the following structure was used
Music\Album-Name\Track#:2 & " " & Title
For Various, i do not have an idea why songs where stored at that place.

Now here are my 2 question:

Do i have a chance to import that complete folder into MM's database, (which, i assume, does not change the folder structure) and then, after having done that, set up an auto-organizing of the files, so that all further added songs will be automatically stored in the same structure on the harddrive?

Is there anywhere a HowTo available with Tips and Tricks, what the best way is to move from iTunes to MM?

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Re: HowTo move from iTunes to MM

Post by Lowlander » Mon Sep 09, 2019 11:26 am

Yes. MediaMonkey doesn't alter folder/filenames on import (unless you setup Auto-Organize). You can use Auto-Organize to manage new and edited files automatically: ... enames/4.0
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Re: HowTo move from iTunes to MM

Post by NoPlayBack » Sun Sep 29, 2019 10:03 am

Here we go... after some hours of trial and testing i found my way through the endevaour of switching from iTunes to MM. Here are my experiences... maybe it helps the one or other. :D

First of all i did export all my playlists from iTunes to m3u8-files... just to be sure.
Then i installed MM on Windows 10 and told him to scan my iTunes-Folder-Structure.
The question at the end, if missing files should be imported, and if iTunes-Library should be used, i answered with "No" as MM did already find my exported playlists. They now show up in Playlists - imported playlists.

After that i moved the MM-Database to another location (i do not like that on C:), using the instructions at ... e-location.

After that i checked the auto-organize function. It works in general different than iTunes... main differences are:
  • Special Characters are translated different. iTunes creates "_" for "_" or "-" or ":" while MM creates "-"
    Characterstrings from Artist, Album and others are truncated in iTunes to 40 or 33 characters, MM does not do that.
  • Track-# which are empty or have 0 in, are completely supressed by iTunes... MM creates "00" for that
  • Some Groupings are different, iTunes had "Compilations" / "Unknown Album" / Various", while MM uses other names, or uses "Various Artists" as this was implemented from iTunes in the IDTag.
Everything seems to be able to be changed.... exchange of special characters, or generation of file- or foldernames can all be modified in MM.... in the end i decided to not to modify too much of the default setting and stick with the MM settings. ... o-organize

The good thing is: Once one decides to use auto-organize, there will be an overview-window which displays old- and new- folder/file-names before changing all the files on harddrive. So one can decide before doing the physical changes, if the changes are really wanted.
In the end, approximately 700 files out of 2000 were changed in name and / or position.

After doing that i did also implement synch to android and iPod nano. Worked exactly as described in the wiki pages, except that i had issues with USB-Synch on Android. But i have some funny troubles with standard file operations as well, so i guess it is not a MM issue, but an issue from mtp-protocol.... ... oid_device ... zation/4.0

So.... in general.... after doing the switch i am quiet happy now.
I did use iTunes, MP3Tag, iSyncr, Winamp, and some other tools to manage my music.... now it looks as if everything can be done by MM. Not having iTunes in my system feels much mor better now :D

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