PLEASE HELP: Mediamonkey import issue

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PLEASE HELP: Mediamonkey import issue

Post by AMediaMonkeyUser » Fri Sep 20, 2019 3:07 am

Mediamonkey refuses to import my music correctly. Either I’m missing something or there is a major flaw/error affecting the software’s functionality.

From 2011 until very recently, I used Mediamonkey almost daily to listen to and manage my music collection and experienced no issues. However, I’ve just purchased a new laptop and MM won’t import my music collection correctly.

My old laptop, on which MM functioned perfectly, had a single 1TB HDD which was used as both the boot drive and the storage drive. As far as I recall when installing MM on that machine I just added my music collection by going to File>Add/Rescan Files and then navigating to the folder on my drive where all my music is stored, creatively named “Music”.

My new laptop has a 512GB SSD boot drive and separate 1TB HDD storage drive. Using an external HDD I moved my “Music” folder onto the new machine’s 1TB HDD. I then went to File>Add/Rescan Files but MM did nothing when I attempted to import my music.

After trying this a number of times I began to doubt that this was the method I used to originally import my collection on my old machine. After looking through all the options I found that I could scan and import my music via the Media Tree by locating the “Music” folder in the media tree and scanning it. I think via Tools>Options>Library>Media Tree. This imported all my music and I was very relieved. However, after loading MM up last night I noticed that MM now goes through the whole process of scanning and importing my music every time it boots, which takes a while for 18,000 files.

Infuriated I look online for a resolution and found this:
This person seems to be having the same issue as myself. I followed the recommendations here and stopped using the Media Tree route to import my files and attempted to the File>Add/Rescan Files option again and it still refuses to work.

Please help, this is driving me insane! What am I missing? Why does MM no longer function as I remember?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: PLEASE HELP: Mediamonkey import issue

Post by Lowlander » Fri Sep 20, 2019 9:59 am

Sounds like you enabled Folder Monitoring's Startup Scan: ... he_Library

Select each folder listed on the right side and deselect the two options on top (continuous and startup scan), till there are no folders listed on the right side. On the left side you can select which folder should be manually scanned when you click OK in the window.
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