Accidently accessed MM4 Lib with MM5

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Accidently accessed MM4 Lib with MM5

Post by bowie1304 » Thu Oct 10, 2019 8:39 am

Hello All,
I hope someone could help me here.
It was my fault, because I did not pay enough attention to MM5.
I installed MM5 in parallel to MM4 and "thought" that MM5 will import the database from MM4, but this was wrong, why ever.
Now the MM4 is allways showing errors that the Music-Db is not the one expected by MM4.
I checked a backedup MM4 DB with the one which is in use by MM4 now and they are different. It's now a MM5 versioned DB.

Is there a way to export MM5 content to an MM4 db, SQL will be no Problem to do it my self but is there a solution anywhere, that could help.

The Tables are quit different between MM4 and MM5.

Kind regards

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Re: Accidently accessed MM4 Lib with MM5

Post by Lowlander » Thu Oct 10, 2019 3:59 pm

There is no method to revert to MM4 from recent MM5 versions. Are you sure there isn't a copy of the old database? MM5 uses MM4.db whereas MM4 uses MM.db.
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Re: Accidently accessed MM4 Lib with MM5

Post by bowie1304 » Fri Oct 11, 2019 3:50 am

Hi Lowlander,

There was no backup from the old DB. But as SQL-specialist it is possible to revert from MM5 to MM4 DB-Structure.
One should know what to do.
I used SQLlite Studio to compare tabels, Indizes and Triggers and corrected tables, Indizes and Triggers to the DB-Structure of MM4. I did have an older backup from MM4 but not the newest one.
After all corrections where made, it was required to maintain the DB complet.
Then the DB is runing again for MM4.
It was 1/2 hour work to do so, but this is less then loosing all the playlist I have since 5 Years, because I did not find any tool to export the playlists with there folder structure.
I know that there is way to export playlists but in my case it is not useable and I do not have any idea to solve this.
My Structure looks like this in the playlist directory:
Playlist>Spining>Year>(playlist in format Day-ddmmyyyy)
If I export this this will end, after an import in one playlist without structure, looking like this:
Playlist>Spining-YYYY-DAY-ddmmyyyy. This is not useable.

You have any idea on this.

Kind regards

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Re: Accidently accessed MM4 Lib with MM5

Post by Ludek » Sat Oct 12, 2019 7:50 am

Which version of MM5 you were using? I guess it was a very old pre-release version?
As LL wrote, newest betas created MM5.DB file located in the /AppData/MediaMonkey5/ folder, so it is separated from the MM4 data

Also, if you install it as portable then it is still MM.DB vs MM5.DB

Nevertheless there is still possibilility to run MM5.DB in MM4, but you need to
1) edit MediaMonkey.ini from the MM5 and add
ForceMM4Compatibility=1 to the [Options] section , details in

Code: Select all

2) rebuild full-text-search index in MM5 (File > Manage Database > Rebuild Full-Text Search index) in order to make the FTS5 > FTS3 downgrade
3) rename MM5.DB > MM.DB and use with MM4

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Re: Accidently accessed MM4 Lib with MM5

Post by bowie1304 » Sat Oct 12, 2019 5:42 pm

It was the last beta,provided her in the forum for MM5.
The table diffs were not as much as expected. some additional fields in some tables.

I have installed both versionin seperate directories and I don't know how it happens that MM5 accesses the MM4 DB.
As you mentioned it also is seperated in AppData/Roaming, where the two DP are located.

Your hints to force MM4 compatibility is really helpful, I changed it and it works fine, I also rebuild the full text searchindex

This is quite easier and saver to prevent the change of the DB then removing the added fields out of the tables.

Thanks for your help.

Kind regards

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