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freedb dies

Posted: Sun Jul 02, 2006 8:15 am
by onkel_enno

I hope that there will be any future for freedb.

Posted: Sun Jul 02, 2006 9:34 am
by Peke
:( I also can add that I'm very sorry about all that I have used FreeDB right from start.

Who would say that GraceNote will win it without a fight, I'm truly sad.

Posted: Sun Jul 02, 2006 9:38 am
by trixmoto
That does not sound good at all! :-?

Posted: Sun Jul 02, 2006 10:15 pm
by julzcompufreek
No, it doesnt seem too good.

It just goes to show how one false step or one break in the chain can end up like this. And they seem as they are very serious about this matter. Hopefully soon someone will be able to revive this project...

Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2006 1:16 am
by DiddeLeeDoo
Seems like one of them try to save the database and software here

Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2006 4:01 am
by trixmoto
Then there's hope yet! :)

Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2006 8:47 am
by Teknojnky
I beleive that freedb2 was the closed source 'other' software they were referring to on the comments about quiting freedb.

In other words, freedb2 is dead too.

Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2006 10:04 am
by Teknojnky
I would just like to post my vote is, *NOT* for CDDB/gracenote support.

I would like to see MM natively support CD lookup's via MusicBrainz if/when freedb goes off line. (it's still online for now)

There is developer documentation available at musicbrainz which should provide a base to implement the disc id and look up mechanisms.

A step further would be to hook into the add disc pages/wizard to submit new albums (musicbrainz login required obviously).

sdk info etc (some of this might be older info for the old TRM id, not the new music ip PUID's)

Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2006 1:14 pm
by Lowlander
As it seems now freeDB will close it's doors and is up for sale. One of the developers did start freeDB2, but it isn't fully running yet.

The biggest competitor was CDDB, but that is a comercial application and thus costs money. Another respected application is MusicBrainz which includes a copy of the freeDB database.

Another new one on the market is: Foosic, which is fully open source and seems to combine freeDB with lastFM, but it sounds really promising.

I hope that the dust settles soon so that the developers can release MediaMonkey 2.5.4 or a patch to make the necessary changes in CD lookup (they might also want to fix a few bugs that seem to be common).

Posted: Tue Jul 04, 2006 3:24 pm
by Big_Berny
Foosic would also be a very interesting alternative. It supports fingerprints and is completely opensource! It's already implemented in Amarok and Foobar2000 - each time you hear a song, the songinformation will be added too the database. This way the database increases quite rapidly.

More informations:


Posted: Tue Jul 04, 2006 5:01 pm
by Lowlander
The real danger with Foosic is that it doesn't verify if tags are correct when song info is send. And I know a lot of people with messed up tags. So I wonder how long it takes before it becomes unusable. Unless they have safeguards. I do like the fingerprint technology, but maybe it should be up to users to upload data.

Posted: Tue Jul 04, 2006 5:11 pm
by Big_Berny
@Lowlender: AFAIK the fingerprint-upload is optional.


Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2006 12:26 pm
by Lowlander
FreeDB has been taken over and as such is save. Part of the agreement is that it should stay free. I don't know what this will mean for the FreeDB2 project.

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