Figured out out to sync a Toshiba Gigabeat F @ USB 2.0 speed

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Figured out out to sync a Toshiba Gigabeat F @ USB 2.0 speed

Post by aireq » Fri May 18, 2007 10:25 pm

I figured out a decent way of syncing MM with a toshiba gigabeat at USB 2.0 speeds. These devices have a flaw where they only opperate at USB 1.1 speed over MTP. So in order to get USB 2.0 speed you need to copy files using Toshiba's properiate Gigabeat Room software. Of course we'd all rather sync directly with media monkey.

So here's what I did .. . . .

First install RockBox, a free open source OS replacement that has been ported to many devices.

In addtion to adding a TON of cool new features it will also allow you to play non-encrypted files from the GigaBeat (such as MP3 files coppied to the player using the USB Mass storage protocol).

Plug the device into your computer using the plug on the bottom of the device (NOT THE CRADLE). This allows the device to connect in USB mass storage mode and not as a media device.

Setup a sync with the device as if it were any other mass storage MP3 player.

RockBox will allow you to browse the files in a File Tree view, but it will also allow you to generate a database of ID3 tags and browse the songs by Artist, Genre, Album etc. .. .

I hope this was helpful to all of you.