Windows to Mac Network/Wifi iPhone Sync

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Windows to Mac Network/Wifi iPhone Sync

Postby anonymust » Tue Dec 27, 2011 12:30 am

So I installed iOS 5 on my iPhone 4.. to sadly discover that Media Monkey doesn't sync to iOS 5 :(

But the downside, I installed iOS 5 on my Macbook (forced to do so with iTunes, so now only my Macbook can sync songs to my iPhone)

So I guess what I need to do to get my music onto my iPhone is have my Macbook read my music files from my windows machine?…..

How do I get this done?

P.s. I also want to be able to play my music from my windows machine on my Macbook also via "Music Sharing"

P.s.s. I have over 250 GB of music (Mostly FLAC :D ), so I'm not up for the option of creating a network "Shared Folder" on my Windows machine. (Would take forever to load/index on a next computer)
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