Playlists sync, but don't work

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Playlists sync, but don't work

Post by brak » Wed Jan 18, 2012 6:45 pm

I just upgraded to MM and decided to update the music on my phone (HTC Glacier/MyTouch4G). The sync via cable went smoothly, but the updated playlists refuse to work in any of my phone's music players. They all report a general error or that the program is unable to play that type of file. Opening one playlist even force closed my playlist editor. The music has all synced correctly, from what I can tell, and it plays fine. Before the upgrade, music and playlists worked flawlessly.

I think that the problem is with the format of the playlists. I have played with the new settings in version 4, but can't find any combination that works. The only setting that was on by default was unicode, I have tried that turned off and it did nothing. I have tried it on in combination with forcing relative paths and no luck. I'm not sure what to try next. I have not tried every possible combination, as there is a lot of music on my phone and it takes a good while to scan every time I re-mount it, plus there are a lot of combinations. I'm hoping that someone knows what is causing this. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.