Ordering of the tracks, need help please

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Ordering of the tracks, need help please

Post by rossdo » Sat Aug 05, 2017 12:59 am

Hi, I'm new to Mediamonkey and for the life of me I can't figure out how to order my tracks. I don't have itunes, and use mediamonkey because it's the only one I've heard that can transfer music from ipod to pc and back. Btw I've done search too but answers confuse me so I figured I ask here. I'm a tech newbie so I think I'm probably overlooking something real simple.

Here's what I have here: portable free version of latest Mediamonkey, a window 10 on Dell laptop, and a first generation ipod shuffle.

What I've done: File/add files to the library. That added all my music. Connected ipod to my PC. It showed up in mediamonkey menu on the left, says "ipod shuffle E:". It was formatted and was empty.

I went to music, selected about 20 tracks. Because the ipod started playing a song from the middle last time I did this, I talked to somebody who said I need to make all songs same artist and album so I can order them properly; so I selected all and in properties named them album "ipod" and artist "various". That had not worked, so somebody else had said that it's the filename that matters so I also changed the filenames and used number, like 1000, 1001...1020. So this way when I clicked on filename, they naturally went in the order I wanted them to be. So I didn't have to double click a song and drag it around. I saved this playlist.

I selected all, right clicked, send to: ipod shuffle. Done. Files how up, take up space, I can play them. Except that the filename has changed, now it's mul1, several of them, mul2, etc.

But when I listen to my ipod after I have disconnected it, it against starts from that same song (I had originally renamed it 1012, so it's little over the middle of my list. It then continues playing the songs following that particular song, in the right order. But why start from that one?


Re: Ordering of the tracks, need help please

Post by endthespin » Mon Oct 16, 2017 4:28 pm

put your 01, 02,03... etc in front of the song title/file name.

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