Exported m3u not compatible with device

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Exported m3u not compatible with device

Postby kopoloko » Fri Oct 13, 2017 1:32 pm

I checked and saw that the AK70 is not on the list of units that sync correctly but was wondering if someone could help me figure this out. m3u files that are auto-sync'd or exported by MM are showing up blank on my device. I have a feeling it's down to a m3u formatting issue but as much as I look for 'format types' of m3u I can find extended and m3u8 but nothing on this.

MM outputs them in this format
Code: Select all
#EXTINF:298,Psychic Lover - SWAT On!
D:\Music\TV - Movie Misc\Sentai\Sentai - Dekaranger - Swat On!.mp3
#EXTINF:252,Mika Kikuchi - Tenkuukai no Yasuragi {Peace In The Heavens}
D:\Music\TV - Movie Misc\Sentai\Sentai - Magiranger - Peace In The Heavens.mp3
#EXTINF:94,Kosuke Yamashita - Sentou No Yochou
#EXTINF:415,Hans Zimmer - The Kraken
D:\Music\Soundtracks\Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtracks\PotC - 2006 - Dead Man's Chest\02 The Kraken.mp3

If I create a playlist on the device and manually copy it to my PC this is the format:
Code: Select all
/storage/emulated/0/Music/Albums/Green Day (Discography)/2009 - 21st Century Breakdown/CD1 - (Japanese Edition. WPCR-13377)/16. 21 Guns.mp3
/storage/emulated/0/Music/TV - Movie Misc/Power Rangers/torrent/01 - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/08_-_Ron_Wasserman_-_5-4-1.mp3
/storage/emulated/0/Music/^ Music/POD - Alive.mp3
/storage/emulated/0/Music/Albums/Great White (Discography)/[2009] Rising/02 - All or Nothin'.mp3
/storage/emulated/0/Music/^ Music/Smash Mouth - Allstar.mp3
/storage/emulated/0/Music/Albums/Avicii/2014 - True (Avicii by Avicii)[/12 - All You Need Is Love.mp3

The obvious "dumb" question is how can I get MM to output the playlist in a format that the device recognizes?

When syncing
- I use auto-sync and sync via selected playlists
- I have Linux folder separator option is selected
- force relative paths is selected
- I have tried with and without Unicode being selected
MM v4.1.18 on Win10 (64-bit)
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Re: Exported m3u not compatible with device

Postby kopoloko » Sat Oct 14, 2017 9:58 pm

Update: MM appeared to have issues updating playlists on this device - They were blank and had a different icon.

I used my external HDD as an intermediary. I sync'd my files to it, even recreated the folder structure and converted the / and \. Copied it to the device and it was blank after copying. I'm thinking it might be a permission issue. I then created a playlist on the device and simply copied it to my PC. It was blank... I'm lost
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