Sycronization between MMA and two MMW PCs

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Sycronization between MMA and two MMW PCs

Post by phuler » Wed Jun 06, 2018 4:52 am

I have MMW installed on two PCs in separate locations/networks (home/work) and also use MMA. I wish to sync between the two PCs and the android device to create a consistent library. The android device has enough storage space for the full library.

Currently I am syncing MMA with each PC separately and this has successfully synced all of my music files between the 3 devices. New tracks added to the home library are also correctly synced from home->MMA->Work.

However I am having issues with the syncing of metadata between the 3 devices. When updating a property, such as the rating, on MMA the change will only be synchronized to the first MMW PC that it is connected to. Similarly if a track is updated on MMW on the home PC it will be synced to MMA but the updated information will not subsequently sync to the work PC and the same behavior is seen the other way around.

This leads to the MMA database having the full up to date metadata for my library while the two MMW databases each have a subset of the correct metadata. Summing the number of rated tracks on the two MMW instances gives the same number as the sum of rated tracks on the android device. I assume there is a flag in the MMA database that records which properties have been changed to speed up the sync process and is causing this behavior as although MMW can see all of the ratings of the tracks on the device when connected via USB it states that 'everything is in sync' when a sync is initiated.

Is there any way to make the sync process check for mismatches in the metadata and update if required? Or alternatively a different sync methodology/library set up to achieve synchronization between MMA and 2 MMW library's.

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Re: Sycronization between MMA and two MMW PCs

Post by jiri » Wed Jun 06, 2018 7:22 am

I think that the upcoming MediaMonkey Server (to be published soon) together with MM5 might be the best solution for this scenario. Until then, one MM4 could scan content of another MM4 instance (shared over UPnP).



Re: Sycronization between MMA and two MMW PCs

Post by phuler » Fri Jun 08, 2018 10:14 am

Alright thanks, however I do not think UPnP is an option for me in this case.

As a slight workaround it is possible to select songs of a particular rating in MMA's rating view and create playlists from these. The rating can then be changed in MMA (change rating to a different value then change back to what it was before) and the next sync will transfer then updated ratings to MMW. Alternatively the playlists can be synced to MMW and the unrated songs can be updated on the PC from this list. As the MMA database contains all of the up to date ratings this does work to keep each MMW database up to date but is obviously not particularly convenient when compared to auto sync.

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