I have gotten duplicate entries on my Android phone

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I have gotten duplicate entries on my Android phone

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I am trying to sync my music from my PC to my Samsung S7. I have numerous duplicates for tracks and albums on MMA I have synced the music to an SD card. I am not sure what settings I should put on MMW4.1.20.1864? I tried to just hit sync, it seemed to work, then I notice on Auto-Sync(-->Device) that none of the collections were selected;ie, Music, Classical, and playlists so I selected them. This might have duplicated the entries in MMA as it seemed to sync everything again.Also the SD Card use to say just Card, then it said Card (1) and now it says Card (2). Why does MMW keep putting a different number behind the card? To be clear, the actual albums and tracks are not duplicated on the card, they just show as duplicated in MMA. Also, I notice there is a MediaMonkey folder on the phone internal storage and on the SD card. Should I be syncing both? Can I just uninstall MMA and leave the music on the SD card and reinstall and sync?