Android Sync Issues

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Android Sync Issues

Post by Seanny123 » Mon Oct 15, 2018 12:48 pm

Edit: I'm trying the Media Monkey Android beta and will report back.

I have two issues with Android sync. I am using MM Pro on my Android.

1. Despite trying to enable Window MM to delete files off of the Android device, the deletions are not synced.

2. Every time I sync, whether over WiFi or USB, the order of my playlists is reset.

I realize I could address issue #1 by just deleting everything on my phone and syncing again, but this takes a really long time, so I'd rather not.

As for issue #2, I feel like this somewhat has to do with the bizarre format the playlists are saved in. From what I can tell via my own investigation and reading the forum, the m3u files don't actually contain the playlist order, which means somewhere in mmstore.db, the actual order of the playlists are saved. Why not just save the playlists as an m3u format? Why bother with the DB?

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Re: Android Sync Issues

Post by Lowlander » Mon Oct 15, 2018 1:04 pm

1) If you mean that deletions in MMW aren't reflected in MMA you'll need to change the delete settings to all media files in the Device Profile (Tools > Options > Portable Device Sync) as otherwise it can only delete files not on the sync list, but in the Library.

2) Which version of MMA and MMW?
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Re: Android Sync Issues

Post by Seanny123 » Tue Dec 04, 2018 11:27 pm

MMA version:

MMW version:

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Re: Android Sync Issues

Post by Syntricon » Tue Dec 11, 2018 7:11 am

1. Check that auto-sync is on. If you want to sync to happen automatically, keep auto-sync turned on.
2. Make sure your internet connection works.
3. Check whether you're having account issues.
4. Check for Android updates.
5. Remove & re-add your account.
6. Force sync your account.
7.Clear cache & data.

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