Nested MMW playlists no longer nesting in MMA

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Nested MMW playlists no longer nesting in MMA

Post by ExitFlagger1 » Sun Nov 11, 2018 2:25 am

MMW, MMA (freshly re-installed).

I had to re-format my SD card after it got corrupted by an Android software update on my Moto Z2 Play. When I re-synced my nested playlists using Auto-sync, they no longer appeared as nested under Playlists in MediaMonkey for Android, they just appear as a big long list. They do appear nested when viewing the SD card in the MMW window, and they were nested previously. What can I do to fix this or ensure that the playlists sync properly?

Wifi sync isn't an option for me, but again, that wasn't a problem before using a USB. It seems that nesting playlists is supposed to be automatic, so I don't know what setting can be changed to ensure this happens.