I'm working on a script to prevent typos in custom fields

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I'm working on a script to prevent typos in custom fields

Postby kp1 » Sun Jan 15, 2017 6:02 pm

I like to use delimited strings in my custom fields, for instance I'm using the Custom3 field right now as an "Instrumentation" field, where I might type something like
"Piano; Chorus; Violin".

The problem with this is that there's no autocomplete feature for these custom fields. Eventually I want to be able to use this script to input mutliple values into any field by selecting from a list of existing values.

Right now this script just looks through the visible song list, searches through all the values in the Custom3 fields, splits up delimited strings, and then displays all the unique values in a listbox.

The problem that I'm having right now is how to make this script more generalized, so instead of having a bunch of duplicated code for each different field name, I could just call a single function with the field name as a parameter, like:


However, the only way I've figured out how to do this is to use the eval function:

fieldValue = eval("songList.item(i)." & FIELD_NAME)

...which is extremely slow.
If I hardcode it like this, the script is nearly instantaneous:

fieldValue = songList.item(i).Custom3

Code: Select all
'Version: 2017.01.13
'Description: Creates a listbox of all delimited values in the Custom3 Field

Sub FieldValues_Custom3()
   const FIELD_NAME = "Custom3"
   const FORM_WIDTH = 400
   const FORM_HEIGHT = 400
   const DELIMITER = ";"
   'Create dictionary of unique field values
   dim songList: Set songList = SDB.AllVisibleSongList
   dim dictFieldVals: Set dictFieldVals = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
   dim i, fieldValue, fieldItems, fieldItem
   For i=0 To songList.count-1
      fieldValue = songList.item(i).Custom3 'Faster, but field name is hard-coded
      'fieldValue = eval("songList.item(i)." & FIELD_NAME) 'Much slower, but field name is variable
      fieldItems = split(fieldValue,DELIMITER)
      For Each fieldItem in fieldItems
         fieldItem = trim(fieldItem)
         dictFieldVals(fieldItem) = fieldItem
   'Create form
   Dim oForm: Set oForm = SDB.UI.NewForm
   With oForm
      .Common.SetRect 100, 100, FORM_WIDTH, FORM_HEIGHT
      .BorderStyle = 3
      .FormPosition = 4
      .StayOnTop = True
      .Caption = FIELD_NAME & " Field Values"
   End with

   'Create listbox
   Dim oListBox: Set oListBox = SDB.UI.NewListBox(oForm)
   oListBox.Common.SetRect 0, 0, FORM_WIDTH-20, FORM_HEIGHT-40
   'Populate listbox
   For each fieldValue in SortArray(DictToArray(dictFieldVals))
      oListBox.Items.Add fieldValue
   'Show form
   oForm.Common.Visible = True
   SDB.Objects("oForm") = oForm
End Sub

Function DictToArray(objDict)
   Dim nCount, strKey, arrTemp
   Redim arrTemp(objDict.Count - 1)

   i = 0
   For Each strKey In objDict.Keys
      arrTemp(i) = strKey
      i = i + 1
   DictToArray = arrTemp
End Function

Function SortArray(arrTemp)
   Dim iTemp, jTemp, strTemp
   For iTemp = 0 To UBound(arrTemp) 
      For jTemp = 0 To iTemp
      If strComp(arrTemp(jTemp), arrTemp(iTemp),1) > 0 Then
         strTemp = arrTemp(jTemp)
         arrTemp(jTemp) = arrTemp(iTemp)
         arrTemp(iTemp) = strTemp
      End If
   SortArray = arrTemp
End Function

Added to Scripts.ini:
Code: Select all
DisplayName=List Field Values: Instrumention
Description=Shows Instrumentation values for all songs in the file list
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Re: I'm working on a script to prevent typos in custom field

Postby kp1 » Sun Jan 15, 2017 6:59 pm

Nevermind, I found something that works pretty well. I just had to modify this script a bit:
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