FontBold = False does not work

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FontBold = False does not work

Post by Andreas Weichert » Mon Apr 29, 2013 6:08 am

I make my first expriement with MM script and created an additional panel

Code: Select all

Dim SDB: Set SDB = CreateObject("SongsDB.SDBApplication")
Set UI = SDB.UI 
Set Pnl = UI.NewDockablePersistentPanel("AWSelectionPanel") 
if Pnl.IsNew then 
	Pnl.DockedTo = 2 
	Pnl.Common.Width = 250 
End If 
Pnl.Caption = "Selection" 
Set FNLbl = UI.NewLabel(Pnl) 
FNLbl.Autosize = True 
FNLbl.Multiline = False 
FNLbl.Caption = "???" 

FNLbl.Common.FontBold = vbTrue            ' creates a bold font   Ok
FNLbl.Common.FontBold = vbFalse         ' creates a bold font too           ??????????? 
It seems that I get a none-bold font only if I write no code to set the font.

Whats the problem ????
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