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Re: New Version: Copytags 2.2 (2008-07-18) [MM3]

Posted: Tue Jun 09, 2009 1:12 pm
by steviegt
In general this should be possible using this script with the following steps:

1. Select all songs which should be copied
2. Press CTRL+2 (or select 'copy tags from all selected songs' in the main window of the script via MediaMonkey Script Menu)
3. Delete all tags from your songs
4. Select all songs again
5. Press CTRL+3 (or select 'paste tags (one to one)' in the main window of the script via MediaMonkey Script Menu)
6. Thats it.
I think I now have 2 options. This option sounds like it may be easiest. I'll try both to find out.

Thank you. I appreciate your response.

Re: New Version: Copytags 2.2 (2008-07-18) [MM3]

Posted: Tue Jun 09, 2009 2:05 pm
by Bex
Maaspuck wrote:Meanwhile i also had a look at Bex's script 'Advanced Duplicate Find & Fix' which is amazing as all of his scripts. Concerning the copy function of meta data i noticed that this seems to work only in one MM instance (please correct me if i am wrong). As i usually work with two instances of the programm i can't use this script because i don't want to change source and destination view within one instance every time. But of course this is just the way i work and thus i developed a script which fits to this workflow.
You're correct, my script only works within one instance of MM.

Re: New Version: Copytags 2.2 (2008-07-18) [MM3]

Posted: Sat Jun 20, 2009 12:45 pm
by MCSmarties
Hi Maaspuck, sorry I haven't been following this thread anymore lately.
Maaspuck wrote: - When using the script, an error occurs, if you select the 'tags to be copied...' button in the window with the source and destination list. This is already fixed in version 2.3.
Where can I get version 2.3?
Concerning the 'MID' error. In an earlier version gege got the following error

Code: Select all

Error #5 - Microsoft VBScript runtime error
Invalid procedure call or argument: 'Mid'
File: "C:\Program Files\MediaMonkey3\Scripts\Auto\CopyTags.vbs", Line: 1100, Column: 2
In version 2.1 gege got the same error but deleted the inifile section and then it worked. I don't know why this error occurs but maybe this also solves your problem.
Can you give more details, please? How would I do that?


Re: New Version: Copytags 2.2 (2008-07-18) [MM3]

Posted: Sun Jun 21, 2009 12:24 pm
by Maaspuck
Hi MCSmarties,

you don't have to

What 'gege' did, are probably the following steps:

- Open the file 'MediaMonkey.ini' with a text editor. The file should be found in the directory where installed MediaMonkey, e.g. 'c:\program files\MediaMonkey 3\'.
- Look for the CopyPasteTags section and delete it.

Code: Select all

TagPreset1=01110111011001111111111111000101010011001100111111111100110000111100001101101;All Tags;1
TagPreset2=01110111000000010000011110000100010000001000111100000000000000000000000000001;Same Album;1
TagPreset3=01110000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000;AlbumArt only;1
TagPreset4=01110111011001111111111111000101010011001100111111111100110000111100001101101;<slot 4 empty>;0
TagPreset5=01110111011001111111111111000101010011001100111111111100110000111100001101101;<slot 5 empty>;0
TagPreset6=01110111011001111111111111000101010011001100111111111100110000111100001101101;<slot 6 empty>;0
TagPreset7=01110111011001111111111111000101010011001100111111111100110000111100001101101;<slot 7 empty>;0
TagPreset8=01110111011001111111111111000101010011001100111111111100110000111100001101101;<slot 8 empty>;0
TagPreset9=01110111011001111111111111000101010011001100111111111100110000111100001101101;<slot 9 empty>;0
TagPreset10=01110111011001111111111111000101010011001100111111111100110000111100001101101;<slot 10 empty>;0
TagPreset11=01110111011001111111111111000101010011001100111111111100110000111100001101101;<slot 11 empty>;0
TagPreset12=01110111011001111111111111000101010011001100111111111100110000111100001101101;<slot 12 empty>;0
TagPreset13=01110111011001111111111111000101010011001100111111111100110000111100001101101;<slot 13 empty>;0
TagPreset14=01110111011001111111111111000101010011001100111111111100110000111100001101101;<slot 14 empty>;0
TagPreset15=01110111011001111111111111000101010011001100111111111100110000111100001101101;<slot 15 empty>;0
TagPreset16=01110111011001111111111111000101010011001100111111111100110000111100001101101;<slot 16 empty>;0
TagPreset17=01110111011001111111111111000101010011001100111111111100110000111100001101101;<slot 17 empty>;0
TagPreset18=01110111011001111111111111000101010011001100111111111100110000111100001101101;<slot 18 empty>;0
TagPreset19=01110111011001111111111111000101010011001100111111111100110000111100001101101;<slot 19 empty>;0
TagPreset20=01110111011001111111111111000101010011001100111111111100110000111100001101101;<slot 20 empty>;0
- Save the file and restart the MediaMonkey.

I haven't tested this because I do not get this error but I hope this works for you at the moment.
I will work on further bugs fixes in the future... unfortunately it's a question of time...