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Post by Seeker » Wed May 28, 2008 11:33 pm

Any hints on classical searches? They're impossible!

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Post by callmetom » Thu May 29, 2008 11:39 am

Very nice script - and works very well for me :D

If its some more intergrated in MM its the script of choice ...
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integration in MM§

Post by GuHu » Fri May 30, 2008 8:16 am

Great application!!

I have integrated the script a little bit more in MM3. Now it tags automatically the Songs.
It is a little bit individually for me, it's only a hack:

- It suggests the songs in exactly one direcetory per album, as I think Album Art Downloader does.

- It saves the album art in the tags for MP3, FLAC and linked it for WMA, APE (these are the formats I have in use).

- CAUTION: Other Applications did not run via external tools any more !!! :o :o :o

I changed in externalTools.vbs:

In the Function Runncommand I change False to True:

Code: Select all

     CreateObject("WScript.Shell").Run Command, 1, True 
I added in the Sub Runtool the dims:

Code: Select all

 Dim Storage, itm, pic, img 
I changed in the same Sub

Code: Select all

       For i = 0 To List.Count - 1
            Command = Trim(QStr(Tool.ProgramPath) & " " & GetFilledParam(i, List, Tool.CLArguments))
            If Not RunCommand(Command) Then
                SDB.MessageBox  Tool.Name & " (" & Command & ") could not be executed.", mtError, Array(mbOK)
                Exit Sub
            End If
    End If

''' new code follows .....

    Set itm=List.item(0)

    if SDB.Tools.FileSystem.FileExists(Left(itm.Path,InStrRev(itm.Path, "\") - 1) & "\folder.jpg") Then
        For i = 0 To List.Count - 1
           Set itm=List.item(i)
           Set pic = itm.AlbumArt
'          WMA, APE => link, MP3, FLAC => Tag

           Storage = (instr(itm.Path,".wma")+instr(itm.Path,".ape")>0)

           Set img = pic.AddNew            
           img.RelativePicturePath = "folder.jpg"
           img.ItemType = 3
           img.Description = "Added by AAD"
           If Not Storage Then
              img.ItemStorage = 0
              img.ItemStorage = 1
           End if

    end if         
''''' End of new code

End Sub
Maybe it is interesting for anybody ....


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simple script

Post by GuHu » Sun Jun 01, 2008 7:21 am


I wrote a small script to control Album Art Downloader. Thus it is not necessary to edit the external script.

It takes the selected songs, look for all selected albums and run album art downloader for each album.
After this, all tracks of the albums whre you find an album art are updated (in the db and-if you wish- in the tags).


Code: Select all

' A simple script to control Album Art Downloader
' Version 1, 01/06/08 GuHu
' Installation: copy the follwoing into scripts.ini (without ')
' please costumize the path to AlbumArtDownloader and your preferences (see above)
' the script uses the package Album Art Downloader

'DisplayName=Control Album Art Downloader
'Description=Control Album Art Downloader
'ShortCut = Alt+Y


  ' Define variables
  Dim list, itm, i, j, k, tmp, Albums, Album, Artist, path
  Dim artmodex(10)
  for i=0 To 10
'  enter here your preferences

  Dim prog : prog ="C:\Programme\AlbumArtDownloader\AlbumArt.exe"
  artmodex(0) = "ape"
  artmodex(1) = "wma"

' end preferences

  Set list = SDB.CurrentSongList 
  Set Albums = list.Albums

  For i=0 To Albums.count-1

    Set Album=Albums.item(i)
    path=Left(path,InStrRev(path, "\") - 1)

    CreateObject("WScript.Shell").Run prog & " /artist """ & Artist & """ /album """ & Name & """ /path """ & path & "\Folder.jpg""", 1, True

    if SDB.Tools.FileSystem.FileExists(path & "\folder.jpg") Then
      For j = 0 To Album.Tracks.Count - 1
        Set itm=Album.Tracks.Item(j)
        for k=0 to 10
          if filetype=artmodex(k) then
          end if
        Set pic = itm.AlbumArt
        Set img = pic.AddNew            
        img.RelativePicturePath = "folder.jpg"
        img.ItemType = 3
        img.Description = "Added by AAD"
        img.ItemStorage = Storage
    end if         


end sub

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Post by Seeker » Sun Jun 01, 2008 2:36 pm

Any chance that this great tool could search through Amazon's CUSTOMER image uploads? I'm finding tons of high rez stuff I find nowhere else and am contributing scans as well.

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