New script: Update Titles from Clipboard

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New script: Update Titles from Clipboard

Post by spitzer » Wed Jan 20, 2010 5:09 pm

Hey folks,

The Update Titles from Clipboard script updates titles of selected tracks based on text in the clipboard (containing one title per line).

It is useful for when you want to update tracks from titles found in online discographies, performance set listings, and any source other than Update from Web. It's also useful if you have to type a bunch of titles by hand (you can write them into a word processor document rather than entering them one by one into MM title fields).

To use it, just:
- Select the tracks to be updated
- Copy to the Windows clipboard text containing one or more titles (one per line and in the same order as the selected tracks in MM)
- Run the script

Update Titles from Clipboard will remove any leading or trailing whitespace characters from the text you copy to the clipboard. It will also make sure the number of tracks selected matches the number of lines of the text in the clipboard. Careful, you can't undo the update.

Download here: ... See the important IE settings note below.

To install, unzip and copy the script to your Scripts directory and add the following to Scripts.ini:

DisplayName=Update Titles From Clipboard
Description=Update titles of selected tracks based on text in the clipboard, one title per line.

You can change the Order value (to change the order in which this script is displayed on the scripts menu relative to others.

Important IE settings note: This script uses Internet Explorer to get to the clipboard. The app may become visible and prompt for permission to access the clipboard if your security settings don't enable such access by scripts. So to keep the app invisible and avoid the prompt, change your security settings in Internet Explorer to allow clipboard operations by scripts.

For IE version 8 (and maybe others):
1. Go to Tools | Internet options. On the Security tab click Local intranet and then Sites, then Advanced.
2. Add "about:blank" to the intranet zone, and click OK.
3. Click Custom level, and then make sure Scripting -> Allow programmatic clipboard access is set to Enable.

Bug reports (preferably with steps to reproduce), suggestions and other feedback welcome.