"find unique content" q, and (also) plugin q's in general

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"find unique content" q, and (also) plugin q's in general

Post by zephyr » Sun Nov 10, 2013 9:51 pm


I see the sticky thread (now deprecated) on 'all scripts'. I wondered if there's anywhere where people should post to ask if there's something available that does 'x' or 'y'.

I know the addons section of the MM site is very coherent and well structured, but it may be useful (in many ways!) to organise a place where enquiries of this (specific) nature can be submitted... it's not an issue, it's not (yet?) an idea...

I thought this could be useful because ... I struggle to navigate these forums some times... and I think, if there's an opportunity to improve a situation (maybe several people look for something, then ask... there are an infinite number of ways to structure a question... it's a conditional in a 'natural' language... my mother tongue and sometimes I feel like I confuse more than most!

So we could also add more than guidelines when posting questions... maybe templates could evolve and then be implemented. I'm digressing with ideas as, as I've said, I see examples of how users can be guided in fielding questions, the more 'specificity', the better, right?!

'Do I have this song anywhere else'

similar scenario: I've got an ipod, 10gb of content, and I reckon I'll already have (up to) 90% of the content already somewhere in my 'library' (on my external hard drive, or even in one of my local hard drives, for frequent access, or ''tagging to-do''.

Is there a way (Magic nodes, duplicate find, etc...) to show me the music that is unique on the device, that I don't have a copy of anywhere else?

(I think there might be a few ways, I just wondered if anyone could advise on how they do it, if there's an addon, or even a guide...)
I'm working on the assumption that the drive has to be scanned, the content is added to the (mediamonkey) library (database), and that's fine... I just don't know where to go from there.

All thoughts welcome. Many thanks
Grateful noob