New Script - Remove Last Play Info

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New Script - Remove Last Play Info

Postby lasiandra » Fri Jan 20, 2006 1:52 am

The other night I accidently left Media Monkey playing while I was downstairs. To make it worse it was my playlist of new songs that I haven't listened to yet. I wanted to remove the last played date and play counter for those songs that played while I wasn't there so I created this script.
Code: Select all
' MediaMonkey Script
' NAME: RemoveLastPlay.vbs
' DESCRIPTION: This script will remove the last played date from the database
'   and decrement the play count by 1 for the selected songs.  If the song
'   was previously played then the last played date will be the previous date
'   played.  Otherwise the last played date will be blank and the play count
'   will be set to zero.  Although the Media Monkey database is immediately
'   updated, you will need to refresh the screen (F5) to see the changes.
' AUTHOR: Lasiandra ( )
' DATE: January 18, 2006
' INSTALL: Copy to MM Scripts directory and update Scripts.ini as follows
'   [RemoveLastPlay]
'   FileName=RemoveLastPlay.vbs
'   ProcName=RemoveLastPlay
'   Order=7
'   DisplayName=Remove the last play information
'   Description=Change the last played date & counter back to its previous value
'   Language=VBScript
'   ScriptType=0
'   Shortcut=Shift+BkSp
'   You can replace Order=7 with a value that better fits your sorting order
'   Shortcut is optional and can be removed or changed as desired
' INFO: This script was inspired by the following thread. Thank you for the ideas.

Option Explicit 'Make sure all variables are declared

  Dim confirm   'Determines if confirmation messages should be displayed
  dim process   'Determines if the current song should be processed
  Dim result   'For the message box
  Dim msg       'Message text
  Dim list       'The list of selected songs
  Dim itm       'Used to process song list
  Dim i          'Just a loop counter
  dim sid       'The ID of the current song
  dim lpd       'The last played date
  dim cnt       'The Song Play Count
  dim SQL       'The SQL statement to execute
  dim iter       'For traversing the returned values

Sub RemoveLastPlay
  'Get list of selected tracks from MediaMonkey
  If SDB.SelectedSongList.count > 0 Then
   Set list = SDB.SelectedSongList
    SDB.MessageBox "No tracks selected!  Please select one or more tracks.", mtError, Array(mbOk)
    Exit Sub
  End If
  'Assume song by song confirmation and processing
  confirm = "yes"   'Set to no to have the script process without asking
  process = "yes"
  'Process all selected tracks
  For i=0 To list.count-1
   Set itm = list.Item(i)
   'Ask for confirmation before continuing
   if confirm = "yes" then
      msg = "Remove Last Played info for song: " & itm.Title
      result = SDB.MessageBox(msg, 3, Array(mbYes,mbYesToAll,mbNo,mbNoToAll))
      'If response is 'yes' then process this song
      if result = 6 then   'mbYes
         process = "yes"
      'If response is 'yes to all' then stop asking and just process the songs
      elseif result = 10 then   'mbYesToAll
            confirm = "no"
            process = "yes"
      'If response is 'no' then skip this song
      elseif result = 7 then   'mbNo
         process = "no"
      'If response is 'no to all' then cancel the script
      elseif result = 9 then   'mbNoToAll
         confirm = "no"
         process = "no"
         msg = "Exiting without making further changes."
         SDB.MessageBox msg,1,Array(mbOk)
         exit sub
      'If response is anything else then warn and quit   
      confirm = "no"
         process = "no"
         msg = "Your response was not understood, no songs were changed"
         SDB.MessageBox msg,1,Array(mbOk)
         exit sub
      end if
   end if
   if process = "yes" then
   end if
End Sub

Sub ProcessSong   
   sid = itm.songId

   'Delete the last played date from Played table
    SQL= "DELETE IDPlay FROM Played WHERE PlayDate = "
   SQL = SQL & "(SELECT Max(PlayDate) FROM Played WHERE IdSong = " & sid & ")"
   'Update the Song Table to reflect the new last played date
   'Get the New Last played date for the selected song
    SQL = "SELECT Max(PlayDate) FROM Played WHERE IdSong = " & sid
    set iter = SDB.Database.OpenSQL(SQL)

   If iter.EOF OR iter.StringByIndex(0) = "" Then
      'No Last Played Date exists so clear Last Played in Song table
      'and make the Play Counter 0
      SQL = "UPDATE Songs SET Songs.LastTimePlayed = null,"
      SQL = SQL & "PlayCounter = 0 "
      SQL = SQL & "WHERE (Songs.ID = " & sid & ")"
      'Update the Song table with new Last Played Date from Played
      'And decrement the Play Counter by 1
      lpd = iter.StringByIndex(0)
      cnt = (itm.PlayCounter - 1)
      if cnt < 0 then cnt = 0 'make sure count does not become negative
      SQL= "UPDATE Songs SET Songs.LastTimePlayed = '"  & lpd & "', "
      SQL = SQL & "PlayCounter= " & cnt
      SQL = SQL & " WHERE (Songs.ID = " & sid & ")"
      itm.playCounter = itm.playCounter
   End If
End Sub

It is the first script that I wrote so any feedback or advice would be appreciated.

~Lasiandra :o
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Re: New Script - Remove Last Play Info

Postby TheseusWrex » Sat May 13, 2017 12:52 pm

I added this script to my scripts folder, but I don't see it under the Scripts menu when I start up MM. Am I missing something?
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Re: New Script - Remove Last Play Info

Postby Peke » Sun May 21, 2017 8:16 pm

I guess you haven't follow "INSTALL: Copy to MM Scripts directory and update Scripts.ini as follows"
Code: Select all
DisplayName=Remove the last play information
Description=Change the last played date & counter back to its previous value
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