Soundcloud integreation

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Soundcloud integreation

Post by nazikus » Sat Aug 08, 2015 1:38 pm


Note, I'm a developer myself but never had an experience with MM scripting, winamp plugins or anything similar.

I would like to have my SoundCloud (SC) playlist to be streamed via MM, but not sure if its possible. Before diving into MM scripting/pluging dev, I've decided to post few questions here first:
  • 1. Is it possible to stream music from web services like SC using MM scripting?
    2. Or do I need WinAmp plugin for this? If yes, which type of WinAMP Plugin?
    3. Is it possible to control MM playback timeline? (to sync with SC stream)
    4. Is it possible to create a custom tree node in Media Tree? (to display SC playlist)
So, ultimately I would like to see my SC playlist in one of the MM Media Tree nodes, and be able to stream a song from that playlist via regular MM Play/Stop/... controls.
What is the feasible way to achieve something similar if not exactly as described above.

Thank you

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Re: Soundcloud integreation

Post by trixmoto » Fri Aug 14, 2015 2:58 am

I've not looked specifically at SoundCloud, but it is possible for MM to stream music from a cloud account, as long as you can get access. I wrote an "MP3 Tunes Locker" script a while ago which did this - it had to update the access token in all of the songs each time you logged in, as the access key made up the URL of the track. You can just update the path using the script though, so it should be possible.
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