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Re: Import tag info (track titles) from .txt files?

Posted: Sat Aug 10, 2013 7:42 pm
by Rednroll
For those of you trying to export from Excel as a Unicode Text File. Like others I tried this and kept getting the mismatch of lines. What I ended up doing was modifying the script so that I could view the actual values of the variables. My Txt file when I opened it up in Notepad showed it had 1000 Lines. I had 1000 tracks selected.

This is the code that catches the mismatch:

Code: Select all

 If Tracks.Count <> Int(TagListLines / MaskLines) Then
             SDB.MessageBox "Number of Lines in Tag-List and Track-List doesn't fit!", mtError, Array(mbOK)
Here's what the values showed:
Tracks.Count= 1000
TagListLines= 308 (Should be 1000 according to note pad)
MaskLines= 1

What fixed it was that I opened the TXT file in Notepad++ and selected "Encode in ANSI", then re-saved it as a TXT file. So it seems like the TXT file has to be encoded in the ANSI format, otherwise the line count comes up wrong.

After Encoding TXT file in ANSI:
Tracks.Count= 1000
TagListLines= 1000
MaskLines= 1

Re: Import tag info (track titles) from .txt files?

Posted: Thu Feb 06, 2014 3:43 pm
by nondescriptwhiteboy
This script very nearly works for me. Unfortunately, no matter if my .txt file includes track numbers or not, my files are always retagged with the titles in alphabetical order, not in the order of the lines of my .txt file.

In other words, what should be tagged as:
File 01 > Title: Casjdkfl;asdf Track #: 1
File 02 > Title: Asdjfkla;sdfa Track #: 2
File 03 > Title: Basjdkfla;sdf Track #: 3

Instead always gets tagged as:
File 01 > Title: Asdjfkla;sdfa Track #: 2
File 02 > Title: Basjdkfla;sdf Track #: 3
File 03 > Title: Casjdkfl;asdf Track #: 1
My .txt file has the Titles and Track #'s in order, and in Mediamonkey, my files are sorted to their appropriate track order.


Track Tagging from a Text File

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 3:19 pm
by popsmike
I was looking for online information today for a new album but the only place which had anything was Amazon, I decided to copy the list to a text document and think about typing it all in a bit later in the day.

I then thought I would look for something to maybe tag the said files and Mp3tag came up with the way of importing from a formated text file.

Anyways I was wondering if this could be added to monkey as this is a recurrence with new albums only just released.

Heres Hoping!!


Re: Import tag info (track titles) from .txt files?

Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2018 6:44 pm
by popsmike
Thanks Lowlander I missed that. :D