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Using Android Automate to get the last synced date from MMA

Posted: Thu May 24, 2018 6:20 am
by Onweerwolf
This might be a long shot but in case someone also uses the excellent Automate app for Android to make their lives easier I figured I'd give it a try here on the scripters section.

I currently use Automate to remind me to sync every few days mostly to ensure that smart playlists with podcasts have their chapters that have playcount=1 kicked off. What i would really want is to have Automate remind me when i haven't synced for x amount of time (say 5 days). This should theoretically be possible as Automate just needs the last synced date as a variable to work with and that date is somewhere in the MMA app. It can be seen under Options/Wi-Fi Sync/Sync Settings.

Does anyone have any idea how that date could be retrieved by Automate to make it usable?