Embedded Minilyrics v1.4b [MM2+3+4]

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Re: MiniLyrics embedder

Postby Peke » Tue Oct 11, 2016 5:56 pm

Something went wrong with your MiniLyrics or embedder plugin installation.
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Re: Embedded Minilyrics v1.4b [MM2+3+4]

Postby marcelg » Mon Jan 16, 2017 12:56 pm

Hi, anyone found the fix for that?
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Re: Embedded Minilyrics v1.4b [MM2+3+4]

Postby ajmps » Sun Jun 25, 2017 6:23 am

Is this thread dead? I too am having the same problem after using this script for years in multiple machines. I have since changed to win 10. Could that have anything to do with the problem?
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Re: Embedded Minilyrics v1.4b [MM2+3+4]

Postby shand617 » Fri Oct 13, 2017 11:17 am

I installed Minilyrics and when I start MediaMonkey I get the message "MiniLyric couldn't be embedded. Possible it's window or the embedded window isn't visible"
I press OK and when Media Monkey starts in the VIEW tab is MiniLyrics and when I press it I only get a blank box no lyrics.
Any help would be greatly appreciated
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