Cannot find 'Play to' DLNA/UPNP function

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Cannot find 'Play to' DLNA/UPNP function

Post by stubblepoo »

I upgraded to the latest version of MM as I found out they included the 'Play to' function I have been waiting for.
However I can find how to do it. I read that you can right click the player and then select player but I dont seem to have that option. I would have thought it may be in the send to dropdown too but it isnt.

All the UPNP renderers show as libraries in the media sharing tree. I set them there so I could prove a connection was present.
Any help much appreciated.

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Re: Cannot find 'Play to' DLNA/UPNP function

Post by nohitter151 »

You can right-click in the player area then "Choose player". It's also available at Options > Player, then "Choose player" drop down menu.

Note that this feature is only included in MediaMonkey 4.1 beta version, only available for download via the beta-testing section of the forum. It is not included with the latest version available on the MM download page (4.0.7). You can check the version number you are using in MediaMonkey by going to Help > About.
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Re: Cannot find 'Play to' DLNA/UPNP function

Post by cdsstaz »

If I understand the question correctly, it is not possible to pick a player from w/in MM such as a sony network speaker unless you have down loaded and installed the beta ver 4.1. True? I started to download but noticed the notation about my gold paid version will revert back to a trial version. Is there a idea of when the 4.1 beta version will become gold?
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Re: Cannot find 'Play to' DLNA/UPNP function

Post by Lowlander »

You'll need the latest beta of MediaMonkey 4.1. MediaMonkey 4.1 beta comes with full Gold features for those with a Lifetime or a 4.x License. If you have a 3.x License see: ... ticleid=57 (contact support to see if upgrade option exist)
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Re: Cannot find 'Play to' DLNA/UPNP function

Post by Guest »

Thanks both! I bought MM Gold version sometime ago but I switched to another player for a while and now I'm returning for the DLNA support in MM and it was nowhere to be found in 4.0.7 (as a server it does work but I use XBMC for that), looked for hours for the "play to" option which is the one I want. Now it detected the AMP, WDTVLive, XBMC and the TV too.. Fantastic!! :D
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