[REQ] Remember current server and renderer

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[REQ] Remember current server and renderer

Post by dplummer » Sun Mar 19, 2017 2:19 pm


Many thanks for the whole MM Project. I have been a Gold user on MMW since 2008 and an MMA user since its first release and find it a great piece of software.

I am now using MMA on a tablet as a control point between my MMW server and a Chromecast renderer. Functionally this works (gapless excepted but that's another story). However it is tedious that for each session I have to go to UPnP and select my MM server and also touch the cast button and select my Chromecast.

My request is thus that MMA should have an option to remember and open the UPnP server that it was last connected to and should similarly have an option to poll the last active renderer and autoconnect when it is live. Bubbleupnp does this but MM gives me access to features such as Type which I need to separate my classical collection from the rest.


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Dave Plummer
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