[SOLVED] Sync / Playlist corruption with

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[SOLVED] Sync / Playlist corruption with

Postby erlebc » Fri Apr 13, 2018 8:38 am

From reading other threads in this forum and the regular build forum I nearly want to say that folks talking about playlist corruption or SD card corruption seem to be mentioning similar symptoms of what I am seeing, but not quite the same, so I thought this new thread was warranted. The problem began by seeing the following message being displayed on my LG V20 device - "8350 Tracks couldn't be found in their e..... (I'm not sure what the rest of the message is, but I expect it's about where tracks expect to be found)." There is a MANAGE button as a part of the notification. If you tap it, you are taken to MMA's Library Folders where you are presented with Internal storage and SD card storage both showing Music and Video folders with 'delete' garbage can icons next to them for removal.

At this point, the result of this message is while all of my playlists remain, there are nearly no tracks which are playable / readable by MMA anymore. Weird. Up to this point all had been fine, and I had not performed any sync's of any kind probably in months. I just was listening to the tracks stored on the device. I figured I got an update to the program, and something had gone wrong with that update.

LG V20 with Android 7.0
120GB SD card

MMW - on Windows 10

To try and narrow down what was happening, I tried some things.

First time the problem manifests:
I followed the MANAGE button, and deleted the Music folder, knowing that if it really got removed I'd mess up everything, but it was already messed up so.....
From what I can tell it had no appreciable effect on the problem other than it stayed.
I launch Google Play to see what it sees. Regarding the Playlists sorting, it didn't see any playlists anymore although they were still in their original SD card/Playlists location on the device. It had an Autoplaylist, and had some music, and a quick comparison to what MMA could still 'see' made it appear that both MMA and Google Play were seeing the same files available. This tiny subset of the nearly 1700 tracks which should have been available within the synchronized playlists which had been seen and played just fine a few minutes before.
I believe that a week or so prior to me seeing this issue that I did get an Android update from my carrier, but again I detected no issues which I felt linked those two events together.

Remediation (I hoped):
Delete the SD card/Music and SD card/Playlist folders, and then deleted everything else on the SD card. File Manager X-plore shows 119GB free for my SD card which is the max available with this card. I DID NOT format the card. Maybe I should have, but....
I go to MMW to check the sync settings for the SD card for the LG V20 to ensure that something there might not be responsible, although, as I mentioned, I had not performed a manual sync in months. I confirm that I have it set the way I want it by synchronizing a subset of playlists from MMW to MMA. With the situation with the database seemingly out of whack, I did select an option within the SYNC Profile for my device 'Delete other files and playlists from the device --> Unselected Library Files'. Thinking this might help to clean up things maybe and only sync what I have defined.
In total, I have 13 Playlists configured to sync. Those 13 playlists total 1645 tracks.
The sync goes pretty well. I am doing it wirelessly over 802.11ac so it's not too bad, and I'm not converting any files so it's straight copy. The sync does NOT copy over 30 files it says at the end, but I cannot tell which tracks didn't copy. Not life threatening.
I give a quick once-over to see whether all of the Playlists look like they sync'd and they are all there. However, to provide one example, Playlist A has 173 tracks. MMA sees 11 of these tracks. It is a similar story for the rest of the playlists.

Here is another oddity, and contributes to the message about "8350 Tracks could not be found..." If I examine MMA 'Artists' or 'Artists & Album Artists' it looks like the database on MMA contains all of the artists and albums from nearly my entire collection. It's not quite that much as I have a little over 12K tracks in the entire collection, and the sync message mention 8350 tracks. However, the larger point is that the sync db on MMA contains a large quantity of artists and albums not contained in any of the configured Synchronization on MMW for this device. It feels like that is a large part of the disconnect.

Now, I head over to Google Play to see what it is seeing. A similar state of affairs like the first time I saw this issue only it does see the MMA playlists, and while MMA shows all of the proper tracks included in a given playlist, but just can't see/play most of them. Google Play, only shows the tracks it can play within these playlists. On that score - what MMA and Google Play are seeing as playable tracks. That is the same as far as I can tell.

From what I can tell the music is fine as it is stored on the SD card. Using my X-plore file manager I can play any track I select, and I tried selecting tracks I knew were not being seen by MMA / Google Play to make sure it was not data corruption on the media.

A check of my MMW server shows that the playlists from where I sync are intact, and play fine from their source. So, I know that is a lot of information, but I wanted to be thorough as different questions pop into the mind as one tries to ascertain possible causes and develop a theory.

I realize I am running a BETA copy of the program, but it's normally so stable for what I do I don't look at it that way. However, I'm open to assisting development with any logs or traces if they feel this is something worth pursuing. I am willing to perform any actions including synchronizing from scratch again.

Thanks for an overall GREAT product. It's a part of my daily life, and has been for many many years.
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Re: Sync / Playlist corruption with

Postby erlebc » Sat Apr 14, 2018 7:41 am

I am glad that I haven't taken up someone's valuable time with determining cause for this one. Even though I could still play music and such from the files stored on the card there must have been some sort of corruption there as 3 different music players all had the same issues in seeing all of the stored files. So, I performed a format of the SD card, and have since re-synchronized the playlists back, and at least for now all is right with the files stored there and MMA's ability to see them and play them. So, a lot of inconsistencies externally and strange things with the MM library, but formatting the card seemed to resolve it all.
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