[REQ] Full Albums option on Home Screen

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[REQ] Full Albums option on Home Screen

Post by Onweerwolf » Thu Oct 27, 2016 5:49 pm

I usually sync both full albums to my device as well as a number of playlists which contain odd tracks.

When looking at the 'albums' option on the home page every album is included even if only one track of the album is actually on the device as part of a playlist.

What I would like is MMA to have an option for 'full albums' on the home screen that filters out albums with tracks that are from incomplete albums.

Now i'm not sure how easy or difficult this would be but what I assume is that MMW can check if all the track #'s from a certain album are up for sync to the device. This obviously means that you need to actually have the track# tags filled in correctly. MMW for instance detects that ArtistX - AlbumY has 9 tracks. It then checks if 9 tracks from that album are up for sync to the device. If so it flags the album to show up under 'full albums' on the device. If less than 9 are up for sync it doesn't flag the album.

Anyway, that's my suggestion. :)