[REQUEST] Adjustable Audio Delay...

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[REQUEST] Adjustable Audio Delay...

Post by WillBellJr » Wed Nov 16, 2016 9:35 am

Hi folks, I recently bought a new car (2016 RAV4 Limited) and unfortunately, it doesn't have a CD / DVD player like my previous car did. It does have the spiffy Entune setup w/Pandora, Bluetooth etc., so I decided to purchase a Galaxy Tab S2 8" as a replacement for the video player.

So far so good - the car lets me keep my Note 5 for phone purposes and I can select the tablet for audio when desired.

I have the tablet nicely mounted, and as a added bonus, I can detach it and pass it along to passengers etc., so they can control the music / video.

I've always used MM for my desktop music management, now looking forward to using it to manage my MP4 music videos etc., the MM Android player is working great with my m3u music playlists off my phone and tablet.

I finally got around to testing some music videos last night and I realized the lipsync is off with the video which ruins an otherwise GREAT setup.

I discovered when testing VLC player that there was an option to adjust the audio delay which allowed me to perfectly adjust for the bluetooth delay (-1250ms or so)

I'd be great if Android MediaMonkey had a similar adjustment while playing video - this would allow me to totally devote all my music and video playing to MM and never have to look at anything else.

I can connect an audio jack to the stereo but I will most likely lose the track information on the LCD display which is again a great bonus with the Bluetooth setup.

Please consider this feature, or if it is already available, give me a pointer on how to configure it - I didn't see anything in the MM settings on the tablet...

Thanks, and as always, thanks so much for making such a great multimedia player manager!