Track genres different between MMA & MMW

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Track genres different between MMA & MMW

Post by toyzrme » Tue Jan 03, 2017 7:41 pm

Track genres are different between MMA & MMW.

I did:
- clean wipe + factory reset of Android including MMA directories internal & external, turned off phone
- USB synced a few tracks to the uSD card via USB card reader
- reinserted card into phone & started
- fresh install of MMA
- Synced more tracks
- noticed I had "extra" genres in MMA:
MMA="Pop Rock" (also Pop/rock, and Pop-Rock on various tracks
MMW="Rock" (ONLY - and I checked both the individual tracks, as well as looking at the Genre list pane while viewing entire library)

MMW: ~25,000 tracks, MM.DB on 16Gbps PCIe SSD (Samsung 950 Pro) - up-to-date, not Beta
MMA: ~12,000 tracks sync'd to phone - up-to-date, not Beta
PC: Windows 10/64, Skylake quad+HT @4.2GHz, 64GB RAM, 14TB RAID6
Phone: Galaxy S10 (128GB) + 400GB mSD card (Samsung EVO+)
Sync: all tracks rated >=3 sync'd to phone
.........all playlists only use tracks rated >=3
.........thus sync'ing is 99.99% playlist update - no tracks are sync'd, other than new purchases
Playlists: ~59 synced
..........most are auto-playlists
..........use attributes Rating, Last Played, Date recorded, Genre, Genre "contains", Path "contains"
..........many are nested, i.e. "Top AutoPlaylist" includes "Level 2 AutoPL #1" + "Level 2 AutoPL #2" etc.

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Re: Track genres different between MMA & MMW

Post by Lowlander » Tue Jan 03, 2017 8:46 pm

As you syncing to the card outside of the phone (so not MMW > MMA) you're relying on the Android Media Scanner to read the files and their tags. The files may have multiple tags or incorrect tags. One thing to try is to run Tools > Advanced Tag Management > Synchronize Tags prior to syncing the files on those files and see if that resolves the problem.
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Re: Track genres different between MMA & MMW

Post by rusty » Mon Mar 06, 2017 10:46 am

fyi, even if you 'synchronize tags' in MMW, it won't fully resolve this issue in cases where you use multiple Genres since this isn't supported by the Android Media Scanner. More on this issue at: ... is-missing


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